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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

Online Sale for Airbrush Kit Permanent Makeup Microblading Nail Art Tools

This multi-purposed and Siphon feed dual action air brush allows you to control color and quantity of air with a finger as you want. It sprays an entire range of stipple effects from very fine to coarse textures. Perfect for airbrush, model, paint (car, bicycle, bike, etc.), airbrush tattoos, nail design and much more.
Double-action technology:
Control of the color and quantity of air with a fingerApplications range: airbrush, model, paint ( car, bicycle, bike, etc. ), airbrush tattoos, nail design and much more.
Double-action Trigger Air-paint Control. Easy to handle. Light weight die cast for strong power.Dual action trigger design allows users to determine the quantity of air and fluid released.Provides superb atomization & incredible control.

Product parameters
Nozzle Dia:Airbrush on 0.3, parts 0.2 and 0.5
Standard Nozzle Dia.: 0.3mm
Cup Capacity: 7cc & 22cc
Working Pressure:15-50psi
N.W./G.W.: 7.1 /9kg
Double-action Trigger Air-paint Control

Double-action Trigger Air-paint Control. Easy to handle
Light weight die cast for strong power
Dual action trigger design allows users to determine the quantity of air and fluid released
Provides superb atomization & incredible control
Applications range: airbrush, model, paint ( car, bicycle, bike, etc. ), airbrush tattoos, nail design and much more.


















21 reviews for Pinkiou Airbrush Makeup Kit Spray gun for body painting, Nail Art, Temporary Tattoos 1 set (SP134KTLWG)

  1. brian (store manager)

    Works very well and is easy to use and to clean. It is sturdy and well constructed. A great value for what you get. Many accessories. Great customer service. They are attentive and responded promptly to all my inquires. Instructions for use would be helpful for beginners like me.

  2. Rebeca Toledo

    Love it! Pretty much everything you need, short of a compressor, to get started.. Even the box it comes in is nice


    Packaged great and for the price well put together and materials looked excellent. This will be my first airbrush but have been around one all my life coming from a artistic family.

  4. Socorro Marin

    I don¡¯t know if it was the one I got but this airbrush did t work at all

  5. Christine Kurth

    This is a very well put together kit with all the things you will need or want. I had mine for a going right away. Long airline is what I wanted. I keep my compressor under my desk out of the way. and have no issues. The kit comes with a moister trap to plumb in (be careful not to over tighten as it made of plastic) The seals are good so be easy. Now the Air Brush fell nice and smooth and well fitting needle make for nice smooth paint jobs. Double action provides wonderful smooth air to paint . The kit comes with 3 needle sizes 0.2mm/0.3mm/0.5mm to give you large range to paint with. Thin line to do fine detail and large area. The kit also has a complete cleaning kit to keep things clean and clog free. All fitting for quick setup. Very happy with this kit just might get a second one.

  6. Samantha Carr

    I can’t use it there was no way to operate it

  7. Basilia Emilio

    Love it works great?

  8. Kevin Deyoung

    This is the airbrush setup. It has a moister chamber and a quick disconnect so you wont have splotches in your paint job. The quick disconnect lets you take the airbrush with you for cleani g or changing needles. It comes with 3 different size needles so you can acctually do professional art work.Make sure to order a mini compressor or some kind of air and you can get started imediatly! Oh, and this is a gravity fed gun with a lid so its almost impossible to get paint everywhere. And by being gravity fed, what ever medium you use is will usually sray it, unlike the siphon fed guns. I highly recommend this product!

  9. Stephanie Cyr

    Such a great first time airbrush ! I even bought another one.

  10. Shelly Sears

    I really like this airbrush. It’s my second airbrush and after lots of learning about air brushes on the internet. I had a better feel for brushes and maintenance . I really wanted this brush because it came with more needles and nozzles for more precise brushing.The kit comes with pipe cleaners, wrench, air hose and a pipette. This is a great buy.

  11. Mary Ahmed

    See the photos I posted for a close up of the parts. It is a well made set, but I¡¯ve not tested it yet as I¡¯m waiting for my compressor to come in. Updates when it is tested. Looks like a great set though! Shipping was quick, too! I will be using this to paint backgrounds on my canvases, and wood pieces for my art.

  12. Sandy Weinberg

    I am new to airbrush use, and have recently started my move up to a larger compressor system, that included a single action brush and some accessories, but as a newbie this kit includes dual action, the extra cleaning tools and an extra air hose, that is of good quality. This is a great kit. This kit came exactly as shown in the ad and works well.5 stars

  13. Oldrys Seoane

    We got this kit as an upgrade for a more beginner airbrush kit. It is great. This has the more mature features that a bit more experienced artists will want to have. The air and flow response feels natural. The built-on cup with it’s lid lets you move fluidly, where as some of the cheaper models are just open cups. They tend to spill accidentally. No one likes spilling our expensive paints. Having extra needles and nozzles can really give you more ways to improve your art.It comes with it’s own drier (water trap), and adapter. The dryer wasn’t very important for us, since it is on our compressor. But it’s nice to be there if you didn’t already have one. We left it on anyways, just because.We’re really enjoying using it.

  14. claudia nayares

    Extras included: Filter/moisture trap, cleaning supplies, quick disconnect, hose, three different needles. The hose has the larger 1/2″-20 female connector at the compressor end so may not fit your setup without an adapter.The airbrush is a top feed style. The air filter attaches to the bottom of the airbrush, then the air hose attaches to this. That’s optional and it does ad some weight and bulk – but it also filters well and removes even more moisture.It’s weighted well and great for prop work and touch up.

  15. betty faye bowen

    This is my first quality gun. It comes in a sturdy box suitable for gifting. So much better than the one I was using. The spray button offers a lot of control and seems limited only by the precision of my finger. The hose is super flexible and won’t kink up on you. If you take care of it and clean it after each use, it should last you several years. Very pleased with this item!

  16. Betty Landen

    I am happy with my order of the Fantexy Gravity Double Action Airbrush Kit. I find this kit to be a good value for all that is included. The only things that are needed to get to work is a compressor for air, paints and clean-up supplies. I really appreciate that an airhose is included. It’s a good hose as it’s braided and allows for free movement. The differently sized needles and nozzles are good to add variety to the paint flow, the smaller 0.2 is for finer lines where the larger 0.5 is better for base coats and top coats with sealant. This is great for me as I like to airbrush some of my reborn doll kits for a finer finish over brush-on style painting. The box is well-suited for storage between uses. Do make sure to become familiar with the break-down of the airbrush for careful cleaning and maintenance. I do not see any reason this should not last for many years with gentle care. I hope you find my experience with the airbrush set helpful as you kindly click the button below.

  17. Annee Robinson

    I don’t like that, now I have to order an air compressor that should have been included with the gun

  18. june packer

    Excellent starter kit and one to stay with. Has good cleaning kit, all the nozzles you need, and good sized hopper for paint. Love the qd hose kit makes cleaning easy. Disconnect and go.

  19. David Flannery

    First time with an airbrush so I have a learning curve to overcome. I can’t honestly rate the airbrush until I have more time behind the trigger. I do like the needle stop nut at the rear. I find a good setting by observing the spray pattern and then I run the stop nut to the needle chuck so I don’t overpull the needle changing the spray pattern. It’s like cruise control for the spray pattern. Good feature along with MAC valve.

  20. Scarlett Perry

    you cant beat it for the price. it works fine for hobby and light work. you wont go wrong on this one!

  21. lidya gebrezgi

    We bought it used and whoever had it before us took out quite a few parts and left the airbrush unusable. The air brush was also dirty with dried paint (well, it is a paintbrush). They also stuck in a heavy bag of banana plugs for an audio system. Maybe they were confused.

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