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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

Online Sale for Airbrush Kit Permanent Makeup Microblading Nail Art Tools

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Who are we

Founded by Kevin Oyang in 2010, Pinkiou have been adhered to the dream of build a more beautiful world for more than 6 years. Pinkiou award winning professional makeup artist and cosmetologist by providing them the most professional airbrush makeup kit, eyebrow tattoo machine and equipment. We are trying to help the makeup artist and also all the girls who is dream in a beautiful appearance with our experience and knowledges. Pinkiou is aim to creat a world in PINK for girls. Everyone in the world is around by LOVE. I O U stands for I love you. People live in the pink domain will always be in her Golden years. Fragrance and Love full of our PINKIOU family.

What we Do

At Pinkiou, We Provide people the Professional Makeup Tools to make a charming appearance. There is no ugly women in the world, only the lazy women. Pinkiou works hard every day to provide people the amazing tool for makeup, we support girls’ dream and freedom to enjoy life’s beauty. We value everyone client’s suggestion and advise. We enjoy sharing experience of makeup and happy hours of makeup. Hope Pinkiou can provide girls a mini place of happy, joy and dream.

Why Pinkiou

Pinkiou is a romantic brand who treat all of our clients as lovers, close friends to provide our the best qualifed product and service with solicitude. We care more about your emotion than the others, we sincerely hope to the Pinkiou products will bring your joy, care and love. With Pinkiou around, your life will be full of happiness

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