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  • Sale! winged eyeliner stamp

    3 Pcs Winged Eyeliner Stamp with Eyeliner Pen Dual Ends Liquid Wing Eyeliner Long Lasting Waterproof Smudge-proof Cat Eye Liner by Pinkiou (Winged)

    • Double-Ends Eyeliner Pencil,One end is ultra fine tip which defining the rest of the eye with precision,The other head is curve stamp which provide a quick natural cat eye look / flick.
    • 2 in 1 Eyeliner with Winged Seal Ends design,Easily create a perfect cat eye makeup, drawing eyeliner simply and save your eye time.
    • Long lasting and waterproof, no blooming: Our special makeup formulation contains Candelilla wax and Carnauba wax which dries quickly to last all day.
    • Easy to Carry: It is the perfect fit in your purse or handbag to go anywhere at anytime. Perfect for beginners with shaky hands,Especially the left hand use.
    • Save Time: This seal is designed for beginners and office workers making it easy to apply so you can look your greatest in seconds. Sweet gift for your best friends and beloved person in some important days.
  • Sale! Cuticle-Pusher-Pinkiou-Double-End-Nail-Cuticle-Remover-Tool-Stainless-Steel-Manicure-Pedicure-Kit-4-Pcs-in-Tin-Box-0

    Cuticle Pusher Pinkiou Double End Nail Cuticle Remover Tool Stainless Steel Manicure & Pedicure Kit 4 Pcs in Tin Box

    • Double-Ended Design. The 4 main tools, each of them are dual-end, a smart design to do shellac nails as well as acrylic nails, and pushing the cuticles back without scratching the nail surface.
    • High quality stainess steel material,durable and easy sterilization,prevent to rust and corrosion.
    • All the tools held in a tin box ,comvenient portable and protect your beauty tools from bacteria, dirt, dust, mildew, odors and moisture.
    • The handle is textured with a no-slip grip , you can control the tools while using the tools, ensuring every step can be done accurately to avoid damage to the nails.
    • Excellent for removing soak off gel nails,also doubles as a cuticle pusher.Ideal for home and nail art salon use.
  • Sale! Dental-Hygiene-Kit-Pinkiou-Dental-Tools-Set-Stainless-Steel-Dentist-Use-Dental-Pick-Floss-Gum-Tools-Stainless-Steel-Tarter-Scraper-Tooth-Pick-Dental-Scaler-and-Tweezers-Oral-Mirror-Probe-Tool-0

    Dental Hygiene Kit Pinkiou Dental Tools Set Stainless Steel Dentist Use Dental Pick Floss Gum Tools Stainless Steel Tarter Scraper Tooth Pick Dental Scaler and Tweezers Oral Mirror Probe Tool

    • Notice: Ship from U.S. Warehouse, Delivery in 2~5 days.
    • DENTISTS TOOLS MAKE YOU SMILE CONFIDENTLY. This dentist kit tools included 6 essential tools to keep your Oral Hygiene in top Shape! Each tool is carefully crafted with high quality surgical grade stainless steel unlike other cheap alternatives on the market that rust easily and often. Best choice to clean teeth and care gum!
    • PLAQUE AND TARTAR REMOVER – Plaque is made up of invisible masses of harmful germs that live in the mouth and stick to the teeth along the gum line. Some types of plaque can cause tooth decay & cavities. Other types of plaque can cause gum disease. Tartar is calcified or hardened plaque that attaches to the enamel on your teeth and below the gum line. Using this Hygiene Kit regularly can prevent ingrowth of plaque and tartar.
    • ADVANTAGES OVER CONVENTIONAL TOOTH CARE – It requires no toothpastes or mouthwash. An essential set of tools next to your teeth whitening products and stain erasers. Dedicated to quality and style, all tools are manufactured using the highest quality surgical rust-free stainless steel. Fully sterilizable
    • TO BE A PROFESSIONALIST AT HOME. This dentist tools set contains Stainless Steel Anti-Fog Dental Mirror (Mouth Mirror), Dental Pick / Dental Explorer / Dental Probe (Metal toothpick), Tweezer (College Tweezers), Sickle Scaler and Dental Tartar Scaler / Scraper or Tartar Remover. These dental instruments come with a FREE Protective Travel Case to keep your dental cleaning tools secure at all times.
    • HELP PREVENTS MOUTH ODOR – When plaque remains between your teeth, the bacteria it harbors can create a foul smell. Tooth decay and gum disease can also cause halitosis (Bad Breath). Complementary Tips on Bad Breath: Rinse and use interdental brushes regularly- Use tongue scraper to clean your tongue. And Schedule at least two times annual visits to your dentist for professional cleaning and dental examinations.
  • Sale! Eyebrow-Razor-Kit-3-PCS-Pinkiou-Eyebrow-Folding-Shavers-Facial-Razor-with-Clear-Box-for-Travel-Hair-Removal-Fashion-Women-Ladies-Shaper-Must-Have-Makeup-Tools-0

    Eyebrow Razor Kit 3 PCS Pinkiou Eyebrow Folding Shavers Facial Razor with Clear Box for Travel Hair Removal Fashion Women Ladies Shaper Must Have Makeup Tools

    • Notice: Ship from U.S. Warehouse, Delivery in 2~5 days.
    • Easy to trim or remove unwanted hair smoothly and instantly with accuracy. Applicable to any small and sensitive areas: eyebrows, upper lip, chin hair, cheek fuzz, bikini lines, etc.
    • Comes with a transparent pouch to organize your razors nicely. Durable and foldable blades make these razors perfect for home use or travel.
    • The non-slip grip help you to hold the Eyebrow Razor stably. Material: Stainless steel and plastic. Portable and lightweight.
    • Apply some soap or cream before shaving in order to avoid getting hurt of your skin.
    • Sharp blade, handle with care to avoid hurting skin.Keep out of reach of children.
  • Sale! gel nail stamp

    Jelly Nail Art Stamper with Silicone Heads & 1 Scraper Manicure Nail Art Tool

    • Jelly Stamper: clear for you to see the position where you want to place the pattern; Jelly is much easier to pick up patterns from plates.
    • 2.8cm in stamper head, this size can fit most of our natural nails.
    • Magic scraper, thin and comfortable for holding and scrape the exceed polish from plates.
    • Easy to clean and storage: nail art clear stamper can be washed thoroughly with mild detergent. it can be used for several years.
    • Notice: wash the stamper by running water and dry it in the air for the first time or whenever you found it didn’t pick up the patterns well enough.
  • Sale! Pinkiou-42-Pack-Twist-flex-Rods-7-Sizes-Flexible-Curl-Sponge-Flexi-Hair-Roller-Set-Hair-Foam-Curler-Hot-Roller-SetRandom-Color-0

    Pinkiou 42 Pack Twist-flex Rods 7 Sizes Flexible Curl Sponge Flexi Hair Roller Set Hair Foam Curler Hot Roller Set(Random Color)


    Notice: Ship from U.S. Warehouse, Delivery in 2~5 days.

    100% satisfied custom service. Made from lightweight foam,packed in the PVC bag, convenient to carry on.
    Easy to Use: Bring on curls in minutes,curl hair without any damage,Simply bend, twist, roll, effortlessly create beautiful, bouncy curls
    For all hair types wet or dry,easy to apply at home or take this to go with our FREE clear zipper carry case

  • Pinkiou-eyebrow-tattoo-pen-microblading-pens-with-needles-0

    Pinkiou 50 Pcs Microblading Blade Permanent Makeup Manual Eyebrow Tattoo Disposable Sloped Needle Pin Bevel

    • Notice: Ship from U.S. Warehouse, Delivery in 2~5 days.
    • Used with eyebrow tattoo pen to make permanent makeup, suits for all microblading pen .
    • Superior quality and complies with international cosmetology and medical requirements.
    • Sterilization certified by Gamma Ray, Needle is made of medical grade stainless steel.
    • 0.2mm Super Small needle for Details and less Skin puncture injury. Safe and durable.
    • For disposable using only. Individually packed.
  • Sale! microblading needles 14Pins

    Pinkiou 50 Pcs Microblading Needles Permanent Makeup Manual Tattoo Eyebrow Blade Bevel For Eyebrow Tattoo Pens

    • For disposable using only. Individually packed.
    • Superior quality and complies with international cosmetology and medical requirements.
    • Sterilization certified by Gamma Ray, Needle is made of medical grade stainless steel.
    • Excellent stability, less vibration. Safe and durable, with lock-pin device
    • Used with eyebrow tattoo pen to make permanent makeup, suits for all microblading pen .
  • Sale! Pinkiou-Acne-Needle-Kit-Curved-Blackhead-Remover-Tweezers-for-Blemish-Dermatologist-Grade-Nose-Pimple-Comedone-Extractor-Tool-Set-with-Silver-Metal-Case-5pcs-a-pack-0

    Pinkiou Acne Needle Kit Curved Blackhead Remover Tweezers for Blemish Dermatologist Grade Nose Pimple Comedone Extractor Tool Set with Silver Metal Case (5pcs a pack)

    • Notice: Ship from U.S. Warehouse, Delivery in 2~5 days.
    • Multi-Functional: These practical zit popping tools help to remove blackheads, acne, and various blemishes. Blackhead remover kit can help to remove blackheads, acne and various blemishes.
    • Material: This blackhead remover tools are made of premium stainless steel , You can safely sterilize all tools without them corroding or reacting negatively
    • Easy to use and designed for optimal balance, comfort and performance for your skin,keeping your face clean and smooth.
    • Packaging: 5 pieces tools a set,come with a silver metal case, cleanly packed for storage, conveniently for traveling.
    • Includes: 2 * Blackhead remover needles and 2 * blackhead extractor tweezers and 1* ingrown hair tweezers. To keep your face clean and smooth instead of treatment in a beauty salon
  • Sale! airbrush rope

    Pinkiou Airbrush Hose 6 Foot Nylon Braided Air brush Hose with Standard 1/8″ Size Fitting and a 1/4″ Size Fitting for Connect Airbrush and Compressor (Airbrush Hose)

    • Notice: Ship from U.S. Warehouse, Delivery in 2~5 days.
    • Airbrush Brand Premium 10 Foot Nylon Braided Airbrush Hose, ideal Hose for connect airbrush gun and compressor.
    • Material: Nylon Braided Hose. Braided wall construction resists kinking or twisting with excellent flex & durability
    • Professional-artist quality at a price for hobbyists; plus, hose looks as good as it performs!
    • Popular 6-foot length allows easy movement & reach without being cumbersome
    • Fits Iwata, Devilbiss and Pinkiou Airbrush Brands, as well as many other popular brands
  • Sale! Disposable-Microblading-Needles-Pinkiou-Permanent-Makeup-Manual-Eyebrow-Tattoo-Needle-Microblading-Curved-Embroidery-Arc-Blade-R18-0

    Pinkiou Brow Henna Needles Disposable Microblading Needles Curved PMU Embroidery Arc Blades for Brow Lamination

    • Microblading needles Used for Permanent Makeup,suits for all manual eyebrow tattoo opeartion.
    • Perfect the Eyebrow Appearance effortlessly: Improve the looks of your eyebrows, make them fuller and more attractive and gain that lost confidence back.
    • Should be use with the paste pigment, can be used for apply different colors. Pigment is not included in the set
    • Well Packaged with Sterilized Box. Disposable and sterilized for everyday use. Package Included: 50pcs pin blade
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED RISK FREE: this manual microblading tattoo pen is backed by our unconditional money back guarantee! Contact us for refund or replacement anytime.
  • Sale!

    Pinkiou Eyebrow Ruler Permanent Makeup Stencils Microblading Ratio Measure DIY Stencil For Eyebrows


    Notice: Ship from U.S. Warehouse, Delivery in 2~5 days.

    Plastic Material: More safe Ruler Tool for eyebrow work
    Excellent softness, Durable for every day eyebrow makeup work
    More accurate for those who are in the beginning stages of the permanent makeup eyebrow, eyeline and lip.

  • Sale! Pinkiou-Heel-Protector-sleeve-unisex-Silicone-moisturizing-heel-sock-cracked-Skin-pain-relieve-pedicure-0

    Pinkiou Heel Spur Relief Cushion Protector Sleeve Unisex Silicone Moisturizing Heel Sock Cracked Skin Pain Relieve Pedicure

    • Notice: Ship from U.S. Warehouse, Delivery in 2~5 days.
    • Great for Plantar Fasciitis Kits, GeLuscious Moisturising Gel Booties are a treatment for dry, hard and callused skin.
    • The proprietary polymer gel lining releases a combination of skin nourishing hydrators, which include Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil (Vitamin A), Olive Oil, and selective additives to soften and moisturise the skin.
    • Gel Socks offer an innovative way to provide gel protection to the sole of the foot. These products give the wearer a high degree of plantar protection and unmatched comfort.
    • gels are washable and reusable, and with proper care will continue to release skin-beneficial mineral oils throughout the life of the product
    • Now thinner, improved design provides even better comfort and allows 25% more space in your shoe than Party Feet invisible Gel Cushions
  • Sale! henna tattoo sticker

    Pinkiou Henna Tattoo Stickers Lace Mehndi Temporary Tattoos for Maverick Women Teens Girls Metallic Tattooing Pack of 6 (black)

    • Notice: Ship from U.S. Warehouse, Delivery in 2~5 days.
    • 6 Pack high-quality sheets Henna tattoo Sticker. each measures approximately 6 x 8 inches. Tattoos to suit your every mood you’ll find dream catcher , elephants , feathers, mandalas , flowers , butterflies , bracelet tattoos , dandelion , fairy tattoos + beautiful mehndi designs.
    • PERFECT AS A GIFT or for party favors ,also for pictures! Safe and fun for all ages, including kids & adults, and can be worn anywhere on your body. This series will make you look different, natural, cool and elegant, become the focus of party !
    • COMPLETELY WATERPROOF. Once applied, these awesome tattoos will not wash off. Show them off at the beach or pool party. Long lasting temporary tattoos, Flash temporary tattoos last 3 to 5 days
    • EASY TO APPLY &REMOVE:Easy to apply in 10-20 seconds with just water and easily removed by rubbing alcohol, body oil, olive oil.
    • GOOD LOOKING FOR PARTING:This series will make you look different, natural, graceful and elegant, become the focus of party !
  • Sale! Pinkiou-Makeup-Remover-Cleaner-Color-Switch-Armband-Cleaner-Cleaning-Arm-Sponge-For-Makeup-Brush-Color-Dedicated-Washing-Tool-0

    Pinkiou Makeup Remover Cleaner Color Switch Armband Cleaner Cleaning Arm Sponge For Makeup Brush Color Dedicated Washing Tool

    • Wrist Belt Design: Adjustable mesh strips,more portable and easy to use.
    • Makeup Brushes Color Remove Arm Sponge : More convenient for you when switching from one color to another color.
    • Functions: You can use it for eye shadows, powder, blush etc,can get off the bulk of the color.
    • Large-area hairbrush clear band allows you to brush,it’s bigger than the other common brush color remove sponge tools.
    • Package Included: 1x Makeup Brushes Color Remove Sponge Wrist Belt (The makeup brushes not included).
  • Sale! nail art brushes kit

    PINKIOU Nail Art Polish Brushes Painting Drawing Carving Dotting Pen Nail Design Decoration Kit Nail Foil Manicure Tape Color Rhinestones for Nails

    • 47 pcs Nail Art Kits: Comes with 15 nail art brushes, 5 pieces dotting pen.5 boxes nail-art rhinestones,10pcs assorted colors nail striping tapes,12 pots paillette foil sticker in 4 colors.
    • Brushes: Covers the range of brushes you’ll need, different brushes for different functions, some for dotting flowers, and others for drawing lines
    • Pens: Come with 2 different ends for all sorts of working conditions, ideal for dots and flower patterns, create a marble effect with paints.
    • Great for both professional nail specialist or nail art learner.10 assorted colors nail art striping tape with rich colors and come with adhesive, easy to paste. Can be used with UV gel / acrylic nails / nail polish etc.
    • Small and portable, ideal for home,nail art salon and traveling.