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Airbrush Tattoo Dual Action Airbrush Kit 0.2mm/0.3mm/0.5mm Needle Good Airbrush Gun Paint Art

COLOUR:Copper Plating

Double Action Airbrush Tattoo Kit Description:

This multi-purposed and gravity feed double action airbrush allows you to control color and quantity of air with a finger as you want. It sprays an entire range of stipple effects from very fine to coarse textures. Perfect for airbrush, model, paint (car, bicycle, bike, etc.), airbrush tattoos, nail design and much more.
Double-action technology:
Control of the color and quantity of air with a fingerApplications range: airbrush, model, paint ( car, bicycle, bike, etc. ), airbrush tattoo, nail design and much more.

Double-action technology: Control of the color and quantity of air with a finger
Applications range: airbrush, model, paint ( car, bicycle, bike, etc. ), airbrush tattoo, nail design and much more
This multi-purposed and gravity feed dual action air brush allows you to control color and quantity of air with a finger as you want. It sprays an entire range of stipple effects from very fine to coarse textures. Perfect for airbrush, model, paint (car, bicycle, bike, etc.), airbrush tattoos, nail design and much more.
Dual action trigger design allows users to determine the quantity of air and fluid released. Provides superb atomization & incredible control.
Double-action Trigger Air-paint Control. Easy to handle. Light weight die cast for strong power.

Package Included:
1 x Tattoo Airbrush
1 x Nozzle Wrench
1 x Eye Dropper
1 x Instruction
1 x 0.3mm nozzle
1 x 0.5mm nozzle
1 x 0.5mm nozzle cap
1 x 0.3mm jet needle
1 x 0.5mm jet needle
1 x Fast joint
1 x Oil / water separator
1 x 1.5m Air hose

how to do airbrush tattoos ?

1.Fill fluid in the cup after thinning appropriately.
2.Hold the airbrush lightly in you hand.
3.By pressing the main lever,a stream of air emerges.Then draw it backward gradually for Color atomization.
4.The spray pattern is in accordance with the distance between a work surface and a air brush.
5.For fine line spray,remove the needle cover and hold the air brush near a work surface.

airbrush tattoo

how to clean airbrush ?

1.Empty the fluid cup and wash with water or solvent by a brush.
2.Refill cup with water or solvent,then block the needle cover with a finger and spray.The air flows backward into nozzle to clean the paints remained the air brush.

how long do airbrush tattoos last ?

They last up to fifteen days, depending on how well you look after them and airbrush tattoo ink quality.

how long do airbrush tattoos last ?






28 reviews for Pinkiou Double Action Airbrush Kit Airbrush Tattoo Gun with 0.3mm/0.2mm/0.5mm Needles and Air Hose for Airbrush Tattoo Nail Art Model Hobby

  1. KJB (store manager)

    For an inexpensive tool, this airbrush seems to be made very well with close-tolerance machining and good fitting parts. Although I am a novice at airbrushing, the dual action valve is smooth and produces nice pressure and fluid flow gradient across its range. I’m getting very good results spraying a heavily pigmented and thinned mixture using a two part epoxy onto sandblasted glass. It sprays evenly and lays down a fine mist even with that inherently sticky mixture. I know that’s a pretty unusual use case, but if you’re a hobbyist who wants to spray different paints and solvent combinations, I think this would work well for you. I love it!

  2. Richard O. (store manager)

    I really like the gun, my only issue is the gun was not fully assembled when I received it. When I was assembling it the lever guide was missing or I misplaced it. Either way I needed to replace it. I found it was almost as cheap to order a complete new gun so I did. When the new gun arrived it was fully assembled including the lever guide and it works great. I wish I could still get just the lever guide then I would have a complete back up.

  3. ROdney

    Nice airbrush kit, simply and easy to use and works good

  4. Ellen Cabaniss

    This brush leaks paint no matter how hard I push the needle into the tip. It’s as clean as can be. Whether you pull back or not, it dispenses paint paint. The airbrush that came as a freebie with my compressor doesn’t exhibit this behavior. I tried going through support and found them to be arrogant, dismissive, and unhelpful. First I was sent a website I’d already been to with nothing else. Then was told I could return it (it was given to me as a Christmas gift so I can’t) rather than offered support until I basically insisted. I guess I should have known they had nothing to offer than their websiteOverall really disappointed with the brush, and Masters tech support.

  5. Ken

    Great airbrush for the money haven’t had any problems out of it I would recommend to anyone looking for an inexpensive airbrush to start with

  6. Paula Mattingly

    Bought this for my girlfriend and I didn’t know you needed a compressor and other equipments. She loved the gun but can’t use it until I get the equipment

  7. Shannon Kaiser

    Works great.

  8. James

    I recieved my item in the estimated time, even earlier. There’s no damage to the item either, and lastly it works great.

  9. Shannon Kaiser

    This is a great airbrush for all skill sets and the price is right. I have Iwata Neo’s and paasche VL models and the Master airbrush blows them away for half the price.

  10. Shannon Hitt


  11. RComposer

    Great product and service!

  12. Jadalynn Dockery

    Great dual action brush

  13. Taylor Ferguson

    Great budget airbrush. It¡¯s a little quirky to adjust but when dialed in it¡¯s great. Seems to work better with very low pressure.

  14. Tarole Lloyd

    Worked great twice and now doesn’t work at all. It’s not clogged and I tried 2 different compressors

  15. Ayana Bougere

    Arrived in a day

  16. Bracha Farkash

    I already own two Master Airbrushes and purchased this one as back-up and felt like reducing the weight of my wallet….Seriously, very good item and have no complaints about the Master Airbrush….I do not do a lot of work with airbrush so I do feel I should buy one for $100 or more….This airbrush is great for the beginner and the experienced….Should I need another airbrush, I would again look to Master…..

  17. Nicole Smith

    Beside being shocked ( i order and delivery was done less then 2 hours later ) this gun for price point works great . Perfet for project as mini z amd such . Very happy!

  18. Connie Zielinski

    I’m an professional artist and have used several brands, including paasche and iwata. I have to say at first this brush was not bad, but the honeymoon did not last. After a few months, around 3-4, the lower quality of the product made its mark in constant cleaning, regular clogging and overall frustrating experience. I tried modifying the settings on my air compressor to see if that was the problem, but the frustrating experiences with the brush did not end. I ultimately threw it in the trash and bought a paasche gravity feed. I say this might be good as a backup or for beginners, but definitely not for professional artists. Its another lesson to not cheap out on quality tools.

  19. Frank Mitchell

    Had an issue with the shipping damage they sent out a new right away and it was great and they are good to deal with very happy

  20. Robin Schuster

    Without spending a lot of money, this is as close as you can get. Great gun!

  21. Jake Debono

    My aim was to spray Alclad primer. At 25 psi, I pressed the trigger and nothing came out, even with the trigger full back. I changed the needle to the larger 0.5mm with a similar result. With the trigger fully depressed in the full-back (open) position, there was only a trace of paint coming out. Note that the Alclad primer is per-thinned for airbrushing and the bottle was new.Since my initial review I was able to get the airbrush to work. The biggest problem was the air filtration on the air-line, it did not pass air at a sufficient rate which caused insufficient airflow at the airbrush. Bypassing the air filters enabled the airbrush to work, but not as well as I would haved liked.

  22. Sharon Foley

    I have a G222 I bought in combination with a small compressor for my first airbrush. It was pretty nice and easy to use. I bent the needle and a decent needle was over half of the price of this G233. This also comes with 2 nozzle/needle sets.The G233’s features are really nice over the G222. Most importantly you can set a stop with the back dial to limit your ‘trigger’ range. This helps alleviate your finger having to control so much of the flow. It also seems to spray smoother with less splatter or overspray. Finally the quick disconnect is extra helpful. I’m able to get a ~1mm line, but have no reason to go this fine.I’ve only used these 2 Master Airbrushes and have liked both. I’m mostly putting down base coats on 3D prints with a little detail work. These serve me well and I can’t see myself ever buying any of the higher priced airbrushes.Also had an issue with the product but the seller TCP Global responded and resolved the same day. Great seller.

  23. indredcold

    Fantastic Airbrush. Chrome work is extremely well done making clean up and color changes a breeze.
    Double action trigger is extremely smooth and consistent. Shipping was fast and packaging was nice.

  24. Priscilla Pope

    So far it seems to work well . I am new to airbrushing it seems like easy brush to use .

  25. Christina Keith


  26. Karen Mathena

    Easy to useDifferent needle sizes are a wonderful valueSimple to disassemble & cleanWould recommend for a beginner

  27. galactica1

    Really suprised with the product som much better than I thought it would be .will recomend to any one

  28. Joan McLain

    I use this for models. Works well

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