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electric nail filer

Electric Nail Filer Art Pen Shape Nail Drilling Handpiece Machine with 6 Optional Bits (5 diamond bits, 1 emery rod with 6 sanding bands)
Electric Nail Filer Specification:
  • Variable speed control: 3,000 RPM up to 20,000 RPM Handpiece
  • The electric toenail file can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails
  • Directly connected to electricity, easy to carry around!!
  • Light-weight design for precise operation!
  • Suitable for pedicure and manicure.
  • Quiet and smooth.
best nail drill for beginners

Electric Nail Filer High Lights:

Sutitable for professional use, nail Salon, makeup studio or home use, best nail drill for beginners.

Size: 16cm(L) x 2.4cm(Diameter of handpiece)

Voltage: 110V

Plug Type: US Plug

Operation Detail:

  • Plug in the electric cord to the main electric outlet
  • Select the desired speed by turning the variable speed control knob on the handpiece
  • To secure the bits: push in the desired bit firmly into the hole
  • To remove the bits: turn off the machine and gently pull the bit out
electric nail filer
  1. Emery Tool (Use with Sanding band) : Shape nails and makes the edge smooth.
  2. Buffing Tool: Polishes Nail to a healthy shine, pushes back cuticles and stimulates the growth of nails
  3. Shaping Tool: flattens and smothes extra thick nails and nippled surfaces.
  4. Fine Shapping Tool: carves into corners and spots which are hard to reach
  5. Cuticle Pusher: removes dead skin. keeps cuticles neat and cleans up calluses
electric nail filer
  • Safety Rules:
    • Always unplug the tool when you change accessory
    • Do not use near or place in water. If motor falls into water, unplug immediately.
    • Do not reach into water
    • Do not touch the bit after use.
    • The bit is too hot to be touched by bare hands Keep dust out of eyes and lungs by using protective eyewear or a dust mask Always unplug it after use
    • When the machine is not is use, all tool must be stored in a dry location abd keep out of children

how to use a nail drill:

Here are a few helpful techniques in how to use a nail machine safely for mastering your electric nail file technique basics.

  • Use a slow speed for cuticle work. Cuticles are sensitive and thin and accidentally over filing not only damages the nail bed, it’s painful. Use the adjustable settings to customize drill speeds.
  • Use a medium speed for backfills. When you are filing the backfill or concave area of the nail, you can speed things up. However, don’t go too fast, or you can risk damaging the nail.
  • Use a fast speed on the nail surface. When filing the nail surface, you can move the speed up to 15,000 RPM for shaping nails.
  • Find the perfect Goldilocks formula. You don’t want to be too gentle, nor too harsh on your nails. Finding the right combination of gentle pressure to professionally shape nails, holding the drill correctly and using the right accessories takes practice and time.

How to install the bits:

1. Swivel the bit holder and press the button. And make sure the button is pressed down.

2. Keep pressing the silver button on the electric nail drill, rotate counterclockwise to loose the bit holder.

3. Insert the bit and rotate clockwise to tight it in the bit holder.

Note: Keep the silver button pressing until the bit is inserted tightly in the cap. Please check the detailed installation video in the nail drill bits guide pictures section.




21 reviews for Pinkiou Pen Shape Electric Nail Filer Kit with 6 Acrylic Gel Remover Pedicure Tools Nail Art

  1. Tyler Washington

    Like the drill it’s light weight

  2. elizabeth Razvillas

    Absolute waste of $. Will not stay locked in. I can’t even get it to lock in at all. Would not recommend. Spend the $ for a better one.

  3. Latoya Cannon

    This drill is super cheap and is hard to use, doesn¡¯t even do the one thing is supposed to do!!

  4. Pauline Bracht

    Me encanto

  5. Kimberly Riley

    The drill got hot quickly.

  6. Julie szigeti

    this came in perfect shape. the instruction manual helped a lot!! it¡¯s so easy to put together and it got the job done. y¡¯all this this the best!

  7. shan Chan

    Muy buen producto

  8. Tamekia Carter

    Great for removing Gel Polish. Use to have to go back to the nail salon for them to remove it but no more. And it didn’t take long.

  9. jennifer PANOC

    This is a great unit for beginners, not only is it easy to use and light weight, it is a pretty pink. I have been doing my own nails for some time and would recommend this because it won’t burn you

  10. Helen Antcliff

    The item never worked n it was missing parts

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