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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

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Atomization of liquid and release micro particle into skin. The skin will be smooth.
Micro particles go deep cuticle and increase skincare effect
Spray can be adjusted by a personal different need.

Switch Mode: 1st step stage: high/2nd step stage: low/3rd step stage: OFF(Up to 5 minutes, the device will automatically switch off.)
Changing time: 1.5 hours(The motor can’t work on charging time)
Using time after fully charge: Around 45 minutes
Dimension: 4.5*16*5.3cm
LED Display:
On: Light on
Lower battery: Flashing light
On charging time: Flashing light
Full charged: Light on
Battery Capacity: 7.4V/500mAh
Voltage: 100V-240V
Maximum power rating: 6W
Material: ABS, COPPER, TPR

Package Includes:
1 X Air Compressor
1 X Adapter
1 X Instruction Manual
1 X Airbrush Gun




17 reviews for Pinkiou Rechargeable Portable Makeup Airbrush Set with Mini Air Compressor Ink Cup Spray Pen for Tattoo Nail Art Face Paint Cake Deraction Coloring Model

  1. Helen Odeen

    This is for very thin paint. I bought airbrush paint and it was having a hard time spraying it. Had to water it down a lot to the point the paint is was really watery, then it sprayed ok.Must be cleaned thoroughly with a brush after use for best performance. They provide a brush but it¡¯s too big. I used a dental brush and that works ok for cleaning inside the nozzle.I like the product but the performance is kind of weak compared to a regular airbrush setup.If you want to paint using watercolors then this product is for you

  2. Madison Hagan

    Nice tool, really speeds up finishing.


    As a first time airbrusher I was pleased with the results. Handy. Just clean well. The battery lasted a good while.

  4. Lori Peterson

    Good productFast delivery

  5. Maria R. DiPrima

    I used it to spray color for my mousse cake and it worked well, with even color and no lumps. I plan to buy another one and give it to my brother for his model coloring.

  6. Mary Pethybridge

    My Husband really enjoy using the product in his client. Very user friendly!

  7. Mary Pethybridge

    I bought this for my daughter and it was easy for her to use. It works as expected. I would buy this product again

  8. Naudica Williams

    This is a great little airbrush to start out with. Its convenient in that you don’t have a cord or a compressor that you are tethered too. My only concern is not having more control over the air flow.

  9. Sherron Martinez

    Works good

  10. Lisa Watson

    Easy to use, and from what I’ve used of it, not a bad airbrush at all, especially if you’re curious about using one, but don’t want to put the money down for a whole higher end set up. I’d say perfect for miniature painting ^^

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