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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

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– Premium 6 Foot Nylon Braided Airbrush Hose with Standard 1/8″ Size Fitting on One End and a 1/4″ Size Fitting on the Other End
– Used for connecting Airbrush to Air Compressor. Specification
– Connections: 1/8″ BSP Female and 1/4″ BSP Female
– Length: 6 feet (1.8M)
– Material: Nylon Braided Hose Packing list 1* Nylon Braided Airbrush Hose




21 reviews for Pinkiou Airbrush Hose 6 Foot Nylon Braided Air brush Hose with Standard 1/8″ Size Fitting and a 1/4″ Size Fitting for Connect Airbrush and Compressor (Airbrush Hose)

  1. Cody

    Seems to be doing well. Easy screw on connections that can have quick releases added later if you wish. Length is good for a desk set up but I may upgrade to a longer one down the line since I am not using it at a desk. I like that it is thin and not a thick bulky hose since this was bought for an airbrush.

  2. Awardsr1

    I was using a little airbrush compressor that runs all the time it is a relief to use my compressor with a tank.

  3. damaris McCain


  4. Bianca medellin

    Not the best quality but it will do until you can get a better quality one. After a few weeks of use the braided fabric wrap tore up on a few spots deforming and exposing the rubber hose.

  5. Tv

    I bought this hose because my air brush didn’t come with one and I’ve been using almost daily it’s working great??

  6. Top Shelf

    Works great and is a nice length. The only problem is the fitting doesn’t fit our compressor fittings. I just switched it out with another one that we already had with a filter attached. Would be nice if they had the correct one

  7. Edward Reilley

    The flexibility of the hose is great.

  8. Dondatta

    This beats the coily ones that come with kit

  9. Raphael (store manager)

    It worked great, It wasnt to expensive. it is a little particular about angling though like the chord shouldn’t move to close in or youll get an air leak, everyone probably already knows that sort of thing but this was my first air hose and it works great!!!!

  10. GN Douglas

    6¡¯ hose. Does the job

  11. LAD

    Good Quality works as intended

  12. Peter

    The hose was pretty good price for one that that included the 1/4 inch adapter.

  13. Tree

    Worked with master brand airbrush connections and compressor. Don’t forget PTFE tape.

  14. Michel Poirier

    i try on my compressor fits well for the price it’s a good bye.

  15. Shawk

    The air hose came very quick and works great I plan on buying a few more air hose for to have all my airbrush guns ready to use
    Thanks for the quick service as always. Happy customer =)

  16. David R.

    Cheap and leaks like a siev. It’s definitely missing o-rings that would be considered standard. You’ll need to seal it with vinyl tape and even then mine still has a slow leak somewhere. Might work ok, but if you’re looking for a solution you don’t need to muck with, look elsewhere.

  17. D_Ray

    The hose looks fairly well made, and is your standard airbrush hose. The fitting however seems to be intended for a high pressure application, as it has a cone type seat, and cannot seal to an air gun. The first pic shows how my hose hooks to my air gun. The second shows how the adapter looks screws on, and the third shows the seat in the adapter. The other part of the adapter is useless as well. It has no connection fixture at all and looks like it works with a press-in fitting. Definitely not for air guns or airbrushes.

  18. StudioVulcan

    So it comes with a 1/4 fitting. It’s hard to say this is a true 1/4 but once I got it, it didn’t fit my 1/4 quick fitment fitting. When inspecting my other 1/4 fitting you can tell they’re different. The real ones that work are a little slimmer and have a better locking lip. This can’t even fit in the socket at all.The hose is probably great, i won’t know till i buy a fitting now, i’ll have to wait.

  19. Jesse F

    The quality of this supple hose is absolutely insane for the price. I’ve yet to have a kink or have it get in my way. And when compared to the tough coiled cable that came with my pump, this thing is in another league. Buy, buy, buy, no regrets!

  20. nelson

    Great hose! Very durable

  21. Carlos Tschen V.

    I bought it twice but both times it came without the third piece as it is promissed.

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