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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

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Airbrush Makeup Kit Features:

Really nice for makeup
Really nice for body tattoo
Really nice for tanning
Really nice for cake decorating

This high-quality airbrush makeup kit is perfect for Face painting, beauty makeup illustration, photo retouching, temporary tattoos, cake decorating, crafts, hobbies and any other airbrushing items. Save much more time than handmade drawing and excellent for your spray painting business..

Application Field:
The DC Air Compressor is suitable for Makeup, Cosmetics, Tattoo and beginner of hobbies. And it have plenty of Accessory available. From most simple compressor-airbrush kit to Luxurious complete kit for your choose.
2. For Airbrush Makeup Kit Power Choose:
0 to 25 psi airflow range with air brush air flowing
0 to 25 psi is our useable working pressure. Our makeup sprays wonderfully and safely in the 5 psi range. The extra flow in mostly used for doing extra quick color changes, and sometimes for runway or stage.
Some compressor companies choose to present their highest (static) pressure psi,that occurs only when the air flow is stopped. That is an inflated number which is not a helpful comparison for spraying makeup.

Pay attention to Specifications
Model: SP16
Voltage : 12 volt DC
Adapter: International convertor,100v -240v included
Plugs : UK , EU, US, AU available
Sound : Quiet, vibration free
Holder : Airbrush holder, soft plastic
Port : Easy push-over & pull-off air hose connection
Air hose: 1.5m Air flow: 7.5L/min
Max pressure:25PSI

Working style: Continue VS Net Weight: 0.804kg
Dimension: 425*255*265mm
Suitable for 0.2~0.5mm air brush

Package includes
1 X Air Brush
1 X Air Brush Holder
1 X Air Compressor
1 X Air Hose
1 X AC Transformer
1 X Instruction for Compressor
1 X Storage Case for Air Compressor
Excellent Cosmetic Kit for both professionally and personal use. Ideal for airbrush makeup kit, Temporary Tattoos, Nail art, Tanning, Cake decoration, crafts and hobbies.
Made with high quality precision components that enable the air brush to work efficiently while providing exceptional atomization and accurate spray control.
Quite and durable mini compressor. Portable light weight and easy to carry around. Three adjustable pressure to control the air flow
Suitable with most Brand water base air brush foundation. Maintenance free, Oil-less and Quiet.
Single-action Trigger Air-paint Control.Easy fluid refills and easy cleaning.

What is airbrush makeup

Best airbrush makeup uses compressed air to spray a fine mist of cosmetics onto your skin. It gives your skin a smooth, natural finish that hides blemishes and imperfections.Another advantage of airbrush makeup vs traditional is that being atomized by air helps it go further than traditional makeup, so it lasts considerably.

airbrush makeup kit

Airbrush makeup vs traditional

Contrary to traditional makeup, which is applied with an assortment of brushes, blenders, and sponges, airbrush makeup is only applied to your skin with one tool: airbrush makeup machine. Airbrushing allows you to put on foundation, blush, and even eye shadow, with one single device, The effect of airbrush makeup before and after makeup changes is very obvious.



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15 reviews for Pinkiou Airbrush Makeup Kit Spray Gun Set With Mini Compressor For Cake Decoration Nail Painting Temporary Tattoo Hobby (Art Black)

  1. sally s ashby

    This is a great airbrush system. It’s super easy to use. We used it for our bath bombs to make them more gorgeous then they already were and it worked perfectly! Would highly recommend this product.

  2. Thuy Nguyen

    I was up watching infomercials one night and saw an overpriced competing product. i decided i wanted to try airbrushing and was excited to find this product that will work with the water based makeup i already own. this airbrush kit is easy to use and gives flawless results.

  3. Peggy Garcia

    It is the same as the original machine I got from Luminess, and then they downgraded theirs, everything cheaper, so this is great and much better quality than what Luminess offers now and less expensive. I still get Luminess make up for it, but the new machine they came out with was awful.


    Instructions unclearHave never used it

  5. Elsie Johnson

    My wife loves it and it was a gift that got her so exited.

  6. Trudy Krohn

    It is very easy to use and clean. I¡¯m glad I got it.

  7. mr roads

    I did not know what to expect seeing typical make up airbrushes are so expensive but I love this! I¡¯m getting one for me mom and teaching her.

  8. Sandra Anderson

    item stopped working after kne time use ! waste of money ! all story about buy one get one free is a lie !

  9. Edward Miklas

    First one didnt work. Second one had makeup in it. Dont waste your time.Yes they gave full refund but we wasted couple months of time messingwith this product, and bought makeup that could not be returned.

  10. Laurie S

    I bought this and was very happy with my purchase! It is nicely packaged, and even has a few extra accessories that I wasn’t expecting. It works great, and is very sturdy and professional. I was expecting a clogging mess, but it sprays a very fine spray and is very easy to clean!

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