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Airbrush Tribal Stencils Description:

1. Size: 11cm*7cm
2. Package Included: 10pcs stencil

Tribal Airbrush Stencils

Instructions For Use:

  • 1.Wash skin with soap, dry skin.
  • 2.Rive tattoo stencil,Stick on the skin.
  • 3.Rive protective film.
  • 4.Paint on stencil hollow out of place.
  • 5.Tear tattoo stencil, clear paste,the final result

How To Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer ?

How To Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer ?

One of the reasons temporary tattoos tend to fall off in just a few days lies in the friction.
So, what we recommend is the minimum friction placement.
Shave the skin before placing a temporary tattoo. This way, instead of getting distracted by the hair, the tattoo will stick directly onto the skin. It will cover and stick to more skin areas which will make it harder for the tattoo to start fading and falling off.
Exfoliate the designated tattoo area before placing the tattoo. This will ensure you remove all kinds of dirt, dead skin cells, and oil from the skin. Exfoliation will make your skin smooth and ready for the tattoo.
Let the tattoo dry once done with placement. Do not rub it, touch it, or cover it with clothes immediately after transferring the tattoo. Let it dry completely and try to wear loose clothes at least for the first few hours. This way you’ll minimize friction and ensure the tattoo sticks to the skin properly.
As we mentioned, choose carefully where you’ll place the Tribal Airbrush Stencils. Avoid high-friction areas, areas that move or bend frequently, areas that are naturally sweaty and oily, and of course, areas that will rub against your clothes.

How To Clean Airbrush Stencils ?

To ensure the longevity of your Tribal Airbrush Stencils, you should maintain them, just like your airbrush gun and compressor. Regular cleaning should therefore be part of your standard program. Cleaning tribal airbrush stencils is very easy. The only thing you have to consider is the compatibility between the airbrush paints used and the cleaner. This means that for solvent-based paints you also need to use a suitable cleaner. For water-based paints it is often sufficient to wash the stencils with warm water; if in doubt, you can also use isopropyl alcohol or a special airbrush cleaner.

Proceed with the following for airbrush tribal tattoo stencils cleaning:

  1. Fill a bowl with a suitable cleaner. If you have applied the stencil to your art object with spray glue, you must add isopropyl alcohol
  2. Prepare the bowl and some kitchen paper
  3. Place the airbrush stencils one at a time in the bowl so that they are covered by the cleaner/isopropyl alcohol
  4. Leave the airbrushing stencils in the liquid for about thirty minutes to dissolve the paint and any adhesive residues
  5. Lay the kitchen towel on the table in two layers in front of you and place the airbrush stencils on top
  6. Soak a piece of kitchen paper with the cleaner and dab all ink and glue residues from your stencils on both sides until they are clean. Do this gently and take care not to damage the edges. Otherwise, the stencils could become unusable
  7. Dry the stencils and store them in a dry place where they cannot be damaged

How To Clean Airbrush Stencils ?


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