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What do you need for an airbrush tattoo kit

What do you need for an airbrush tattoo kit

To summarize, you’ll need…

airbrush tattoo paint

an airbrush (maybe more than one)

an air hose (maybe more than one)

an air source (usually a compressor–but there are other options.)

You’ll probably need airbrush stencils too, that’s also not always a requirement.

Choosing an airbrush

what kind of spray gun do you need?

If it’s just you and maybe an occasional friend look at an Pinkiou Double Action Airbrush. You’ll also be able to use the airbrush for makeup if you’re ever interested in going that route.

Double Action Airbrush Kit

airbrush SP180ktg

Why The Double Action Airbrush Is Commonly Preferred Over Single Action

Most in the airbrush industry prefer the double action airbrush over the single action airbrush, simply because the double action airbrush allows the user a greater amount of control and usability than that of the single action airbrush.

The Single Action Airbrush

Me personally, I prefer the double action airbrush kit simply because my style requires the use of fine detail work and specific patterns to which cannot be, or are very difficult to achieve when using a single action airbrush.

Plus, if you get on YouTube and simply do a search for “airbrush” odds are most of the results they come up will be demonstrating the use of a double action airbrush. I cannot tell you how many videos I’ve watched on the topic of airbrushing, and if I could put a percentage on how much I see a double action airbrush as opposed to a single action airbrush it would likely be something along the lines of this:

I see a double action airbrush being used 85% of the time, as opposed to the single action airbrush I see being used only 15% of the time… And when I do see the single action airbrush being used, it is commonly being used to paint color coverage (paint a large surface one color) rather than any detail, such as how you would see a base coat laid down.

The Double Action Airbrush

Simply speaking, the double action airbrush commonly allows the user a greater amount of usability out of the airbrush. Whereas the single action airbrush, though it cannot keep up with a double action airbrush in terms of detail work. It excels in paint coverage, similarly to how you would use a spray paint can.

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