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How I take these off so I do put a peel off base coat on these manicure sets so they pop off really easily I just have the other end of the cuticle pusher and I kind of just lift up on the sides here.Zen you have it all the nails popped off and now I just put them in my nail candy container, this is my container where I keep all of my nails in pinkiou.com, I’ve popped off it’s getting kind of full though I’ll probably have to upgrade her hmm, y’all, remember this nail set, sometimes I just go in this container, and I just look at the different nails that I’ve done and just remember how fun they were to do alright so here’s how my nail art are looking just a little bit crusty from the last nail set so I’m just gonna scrape up all of that excess Poly gel that’s like around the cuticle area okay, so to make sure that all of this excess residue is gone, I’m just going to file around the cuticle area with my fine grit sanding band.

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Okay next I’m gonna add on my pop off base coat which is just some cuticle oil and then a layer of top coat okay so I have my peel off base coat on my nail art ideas and now we’re just gonna get sizing out the nail tips okay, so I’m just going to glue on the nail tips with some base coat, so okay so I have all the nail tips glued on okay and I think I’m gonna trim, these down.Okay so here’s the length of the nails and now I’m just going to reshape them, okay next I’m gonna use my fine grit sanding band, I’m just gonna remove the shine from the nail tips the new so here’s how the nail tips are looking and now we’re just gonna add on a layer of base coat.OK, OK, so once all the base quiz on now let’s get into this Poly job application.For this nail set we’re just gonna be making all the nails nude, I’ve been doing a lot of one colored nail sets recently but we’re gonna be adding on some nail art stickers so I’m just going to be taking this nude Poly jobs and I’m gonna put it on the entire nail so I’m just gonna put one bead down the middle and I’m going to start at the cuticle area you’re I’m just gonna push this Poly gel as close to the skin, as I can, but not touching the skin in and I’m just going to continue to drag up all this Poly gel down the nail.’s, um, OK, OK so the thumbnail is done and now I’m gonna move on to the next nail so just like the last nail I’m just going to be using one bead of Poly gel, luckily this mccart Poly gel is like a really good consistency, so I only have to do one bead instead of dividing the nail up into two layers.Also, happy march everyone, beginning of march and my birthday is this month so you’ll be getting some birthday nail videos, I’m not really sure what I wanna do for my birthday nails I’ll definitely figure them out.

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I am really loving doing spring russian manicure, this first couple of spring nails art that I have done I just love them so much, and I have so many now sets that I want to do and I’m pretty sure spring doesn’t even start until the end of march, we’re starting now and if you have any suggestions for some spring nail sets are like colors that you want, you can definitely leave those in the comments. Okay so here’s how the nails are looking after I have all the Poly gel on and I’m gonna wipe off the sticky layer that’s left on the nails after you cure the Poly Joe I got these lint free wipes from Amazon and I like them because they were pink but they kind of leave behind little pieces of like pink I don’t know if you can see it right there, but it’s kind of annoying, maybe the stickiness of the Poly gel is just too much for these wipes, yeah and here’s how the nails look I’m really proud of this application I think nails just look really pretty okay, and now we’re just going to be reshaping the nails I just have my muck artist collector and a hand file and yeah let’s just get re-shaping the nails.The boy.Okay so here’s how the nails are looking after they have been shaped very, very pretty, but now we are going to get into the nail or so for this nail art, we’re going to be drawing on some French tips and then we’re gonna be sprinkling in some of this clear iridescent glitter.I’m going to start by making like a mint color so I’m just going to mix together this light green and some of this light blue OK, so I think this is a good enough color, okay, so we’re just gonna start off by making a French tip, so I’m gonna start on the thumbnail I’m gonna make these kind of like a deep French tip.Yeah.HMM. Okay so here’s how the French tip looks and now I’m going to sprinkle in this iridescent glitter.

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Yeah.So, here’s how the nail looks I don’t think it’s giving the right vibe, but I don’t think it’s what I really want, and also I kind of did all the things backward I want this to be a sugar nail so I don’t want to put top coat over it and I didn’t topcoat nail first or anything like that, and then the under layer of this is the job polish so that’s gonna be like sticky after I cure it, so I don’t think I’m gonna use this glitter, it’s just two green sparkly I just wanted to be more about the mint color not really the glitter, so I’m gonna wipe this off, so our next attempt is going to be this glitter right here I don’t know if this is going to be enough look at this tiny little bottle but we’re gonna try it and I’m gonna I was gonna say I’m gonna try not to waste it but I’ve built some of it already.Oh, so I have my little piece of trash here holding my excess glitter before I paint on the French tip which you can kind of see the outline right there unfortunately it’s getting covered up, I’m gonna paint a layer of top coat over the minimalist nail art, okay now I’m gonna go cure this topcoat in the nail lamp okay, so now that we’ve got a layer of top coat on now I’m actually gonna go and paint the French tip.Zhu. Okay so I think this is good enough, I’m gonna go ahead and cure this now okay and now I’m gonna take some topcoat and I’m just going to fill in all of this green part so that we can sprinkle on the glitter’s are OK and now I’m just gonna sprinkle on this glitter.So, here’s how the nail looks I think this is a much better glitter kind of just shows off the mint color better go ahead and cure this and we’re just gonna do the same thing on the pointer finger and the pinky finger finger.


OK so here’s how the French tips turned out now we’re going to move on to the ring finger I don’t know what you would call this kind of design.ZA.Okay so we’re just gonna move on to the middle finger, I’m going to be using these cute 3D flowers, so I already have a layer of top coat on my gel manicure kit and to adhere these flowers I’m gonna put a tiny bit of clear Poly gel on the backs of them.But further really tiny flowers, I’m just gonna use top coat, actually I think I’m just gonna use top coat for all.So this looks so cute, I’m gonna go ahead and cure this, wait wait, wait they turned orange I’m not crazy right, they turned orange as a color changing or guys, these flowers are color changing look these ones turned dark blue, these ones they really do change I guess these flowers are color changing I guess it’s alright I just wasn’t really expecting that they’re supposed to change back to white but you know it might take a little bit so we’re just going to add in those tiny pearls that go in the middle of the nail, I’m just going to take some top coat and put a tiny drop in the middle of the flowers I’m gonna get these Silver pearls.

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