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How To Use An Airbrush Gun

How To Use An Airbrush Gun

Connect the hose from the compressor to the stylus. Set up the air compressor close to the work area so you can easily access it. Push one end of the air hose over the nozzle on the side of the compressor so that it fits snugly. Find the long air nozzle on the bottom of the airbrush pen and push the other end of the hose onto it. Make sure the hose fits snugly or the airbrush gun will not get the proper pressure. Many airbrush guns are sold in kits that include a small air compressor and hose. Check out Pinkiou store or buy an airbrush gun kit online.

Dilute the paint in the mixing tray before loading it into the airbrush guns. The paint is too thick to fit directly into the spray gun and to apply smoothly to your job. Pour a small amount of paint into a mixing bowl and add an equal amount of paint thinner. Whisk together the paint and paint thinner until it is the same consistency as regular paint thinner. Keep adding more paint or thinner until it’s thin enough to use. If you are using acrylic paint, you can thin the paint with water. If you are using enamel or lacquer, use paint thinner or lacquer thinner respectively. The ratio of paint and thinner depends on the brand and base of paint. Check the paint packaging to determine how much thinner you need to use.

Airbrush Gun
Airbrush Gun

Put 4-6 drops of paint into the spray gun cup. After thinning the paint to work in the acrylic paint airbrush gun, use a pipette to transfer the paint from the mixing pan to the cup on the airbrush pen. Use only a few drops at a time as the spray gun doesn’t need much paint to work. After loading the paint, make sure not to tip the stylus over or it will spill. You can use a top-loading or bottom-loading stylus.

Turn on the air compressor to about 10 PSI. Switch the air compressor so you can use the spray gun. Check the dial on the air compressor and reduce the air pressure to 10 PSI on first start. As you paint more comfortably with the airbrush spray gun, you can adjust the pressure for different effects. High pressure is unlikely to clog the spray gun and form tiny droplets, but the paint will dry quickly and there will be more overspray. Lower pressure lets you paint fine details and use less paint, but it clogs more easily and paint textures look rougher.

Hold the  airbrush gun 1-2 inches (2.5-5.1 cm) from the object you are painting. Hold the airbrush in your dominant hand as you would a pen. Place your index finger on the trigger button on top of the gun. Point the airbrush gun nozzle at the object you are painting about 1-2 inches (2.5-5.1 cm) away from the object and perpendicular to the object. Wrap the airbrush hose around your arm so it doesn’t get in the way of what you’re painting. The distance between the object and the gun affects the thickness of the line. If you wish to color finer details, hold the airbrush closer.

Push the trigger on the gun down to apply the paint. When you are ready to start painting, press the trigger with your index finger. Keep the wrist locked in place and move the arm to control where the airbrush gun sprays. When you want to stop, release the trigger so the gun won’t spray any more. Practice drawing different lines and shapes so you can warm up and feel comfortable with the airbrush gun.

Some Best Airbrush Gun require you to pull the trigger back to apply the paint. The farther you pull the trigger, the more paint the gun sprays. First test the spray gun on a piece of scrap paper to make sure the paint sprays out smoothly. If you want to replicate the design perfectly, use a template.

Then, leave the paint alone for a minimum of 24 hours to completely cure. If you need to work on a freshly painted piece, wait at least 30 minutes or until the paint is not tacky. Then, leave the paint alone for at least 24 hours to fully cure. If you apply thick paint it may take longer to cure as it will stay wet longer. You can speed up the drying process with a dryer or heat gun.

Make sure to always keep your spray gun up to date with the latest products and cleaning supplies to keep it looking its best. Check out our airbrush accessories for you!

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