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How to use Pinkiou Nail Drill 01-0028

Nail techs should never be in too much of a hurry as to neglect proper hygiene.

Clean and sterilize drill bits after every procedure, even when the shop is busy. Scrub nail drill bits with a brush and rinse with soapy water, regardless of the drill bit material. Acetone works well for dissolving dead particles dust in the bit.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to soak bits for at least 20 minutes. Wipe them dry with a clean cloth or let them dry naturally.

Nail drill bits may rust after repeatedly soaking them. Diamond bits won’t rust, so they may be worth the investment if you plan to use them daily.

Practicing good hygiene also means cleaning your nail drill. Use a soft cloth to brush away dust from your nail drill or use an aerosol cleansing duster to remove particles from cracks and crevices.

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