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How to use Pinkiou Hair Stroked Eyebrow Comestic Tattooing Machine Permanent Makeup Pen Professional Rotary Microblading Pen For Eye Art, 10-0185

Newest design, disposable needle and needle cap one piece design,
Rotation stable, less vibration, low noise muffled, light weight and portable
9 Different speed Profession Permanent Makeup Machine
Suitable for Eyebrows Tattoo, Eyelash Enhancement,Permanent Lip Liner and Tinting, it also very helpful for body tattoo design
4 Function on 1 Micropigmentation machine,with different kinds of needles


1. Sterile and healthy
2. Easy to control
3. Speed adjustment,needle length can control
4. Immediate charge, immediately available.
5. Use for small pattern tattoo,eyebrow and lip



1. Idling for about 10 seconds to make sure electric conduction is good before use.
2. Please screw the holding tip and you’ll see the needle tube.
3. Please make the needles bent a little before inserting the needle.
4. To avoid the pen being overheated, please stop using for about 10 minutes after a complete tattoo eyebrow.



1. rotational stability.
2. excellent electrical quality.
3. excellent design and work.
4. rocess of forming a power supply,the power supply achieved the EU standard,internationally(100v- 240v)
5. repaired rate is about 1%.
6. the speed can be adjusted on the pen, you can do it with your habit.
7. small noise, the noise has been dealt with less than 15 db
8. suitable for eyebrows, eyelids and lips,also for small tattoo design.
9. all parts of the machine achieved the world health standard.
10. machine fuselage use disposable sterile design, pigment to prevent the return of effectively isolate the virus to prevent cross-infection of the bacteria.

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