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5 Secrets To Pull Off Your Makeup with All Kind of Gold Jewellery Look

Gold is evergreen; you can pull it off with any outfit; it does not require that much work look, bougie. Just a few tips and tricks, and voila, you are the star of the evening.

So, as we know, it’s the holiday season, and we need a bunch of looks to carry out this winter. Hence, can we carry out a single piece of gold with all sorts of makeup looks?

The answer is yes. Gold may seem like having an ordinary yellow color, but it has its hues and tones if you look closely.

What kind of makeup goes with my gold jewelry collection?

So, when we talk about the bougie look, we mean not just by outfit but many little things to pair with it. What is accessorizing? Accessorizing means cherry on top. You may look good without it but adding it to your look gives an extra oomph.

Since gold is a very bright and noticeable color, getting warm and earthy-toned makeup while wearing gold is suggested.

 Sometimes accessorizing yourself makes you the star of the show. It makes you stand out and help turn casual outfits into formal ones.

Smokey Eyes & Heavy Contour

If you opt for darker eyes, heavy contour, and subtle lipstick, I suggest wearing gold around your neck to balance your look with some accessorizing around the neck. A heavy chain or a choker would look stunning.

Nature is balancing out things to please the eye. Soin case of smokey, heavy eyes and cheekbones, go for covering your neck with gold.

Minimal Eyes with A Dewy Base

It is the world of minimalism. So, if you want to go with minimalistic eyes and a dewy base, go heavy on the gold pieces. Wear a bunch of rings, golden hoops, or studs that won’t hurt anybody.

As previously mentioned, balance your makeup and accessories accordingly.

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is a new technique of putting makeup where brushes sponges and are not used, and nothing comes in contact with your skin. It requires a machine (makeup kit) that sprays makeup on your face and creates a layer of makeup. It may seem that it gets cakey, but it won’t, which is why people seem to incline towards this new technique of putting makeup on.

So, as it creates a very subtle layer of makeup, any piece of jewelry would go perfectly with it. You can get a little heavy with gold accessories if it’s a date night. If it is a daytime commitment, even a pair of studs and an anklet will slay.

How to glam up right after microblading

We’ve got you covered if you got you got micro bladed recently, so for at least three weeks, you are advised to put no makeup on after a microblading process to let your skin heal and prevent any infections.

Hence what to do if it’s a beauty emergency? And you need to glam up. So when you’re going bare face, remember not to accessorize yourself too much; instead, wear bougie outfits along with less in quantity but more when it comes to glimmer.

Here’s how you can glimmer up any gold piece by learning how to clean your gold chains simply by using Sodium bicarbonate in any form.

Can’t wear any makeup? Because you got your wax done?

So did you get your wax done right before going out, and now you can’t put on makeup as your skin can get irritated and cause a rash. I have a perfect solution to this; you can glamourize other parts of your body like nails, for instance. You can flex your freshly manicured nails with nail art brushes for painting, drawing,carving,dotting, or by adding Rhinestones on them.


Makeup is not all about putting a ton of concealer and contouring; it’s about confidence and self-love. Anything that makes you feel comfortable in your skin. No one or nothing can make you MAKEUP. You don’t do makeup because you have to. You do makeup to embrace your best part.

However, some people confuse it with ‘covering up. Makeup is not a cover-up. It’s self-love. By self-love, I mean loving yourself enough to put time and effort just like you give to someone you love; the same is the case with your body; if you exercise, you exercise to embrace what’s already there.

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