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How To Use Pinkiou Hair Stroked Eyebrow Tattoo Machine Permanent Makeup Pen Professional Rotary Microblading Pen 10-0127

Pinkiou Hair Stroked Eyebrow Tattoo Machine Permanent Makeup Pen Professional Rotary Microblading Pen For Eye Art

Here is some tips about how to use it.
A. assemly
1, screw the needles to the sleeve eyebrow tattoo pen
2, adjust the needles length to make sure the needles is suitable for eyebrow tattoo
3, there is 3 gear for 3 different speed. Short press the start button to change gear for different uses.

B. how to dip ink
dip the ink with the tip of the needles and use directly.

C. How to adjust the needle length.
1,Turn sleeve to align tip of needles to the tip of the cap
2, When power is supplier to the machine, needles move back and forth in 1.7mm. Leave some space between skin surface and tip of the cap to get best result.

How to set up an Pinkiou-eyebrow tattoo machine to make perfect eyebrow? 10-0114(DSH-0004) 10-0081

This video show up how we set up an Pinkiou-eyebrow tattoo machine easily.

What You Need to Get Started:

Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine
Permanent Makeup Tips – These guide your needles. They’re disposable.
Permanent Makeup Needles – These are special needles that can only be used with permanent
makeup machines.
Cosmetic Machine Tubes – This is the end of the machine; it’s the portion of the machine
that the needle and tip go in and slide over. If you have a steel tube, you can reuse it
by sterilizing it before each use. That can be time-consuming, though, so many people
prefer to use disposable plastic tips. If you have a busy shop, disposable tubes are the
way to go.
Pigments – You’ll need permanent makeup pigments, or inks, in a variety of colors so you
can do eyebrow, lip liner, and other cosmetic tattoos.
Basic Pinkiou-Permanent Makeup Machine Setup Instructions

Step 1: Purchase a Pinkiou-permanent makeup tattoo machine, permanent makeup needles,
cosmetic machine tubes, and permanent makeup tips.
Step 2: Take out your machine and a single card needle,tip.
Step 3: Remove all pieces from their sterilized packaging.
Step 4: Push the needle into the slot of your cosmetic tattoo machine.
Step 5: Push the needle all the way in, until it can’t go back any further.
Step6: Place the tip onto the tube, over the needle, and you’re ready!

How to properly use Pinkiou Eyebrow Ruler? 10-0179

Pinkiou Eyebrow ruler – perfect to find your perfect length eyebrow stencil!

Step 1:Find the goldden mean.
Step 2:Using wider aperture mesure distance between scleras.
Step 3:Place fourth part on divider and mark the beginnings of the eyebrow.
Step 4:Find arcade and stay parallel with ridge.
Step 5:Feel the bone to found a point 4
Step 6:Place the dividers as shown to found point 2.(Divider is flexible)
Step 7:Just flip divider to found point 5
Step 8:Pull skin,while skin is stretched draw the line in the canal of the arch for point6.Now
connect all points.
Step 9:Copy all the point on the left eyebrow.

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♠Pinkiou Eyebrow Ruler Permanent Makeup Stencils Microblading Ratio Measure DIY Stencil For Eyebrows♣


Pinkiou eyebrow tweezers(black) review 02-0025

Buy new tweezers. Maybe you are holding the tweezers too loosely or you are not having a good grip on either the tweezers or the hairs. Otherwise, your tweezers are probably just inadequate. Be sure to get ones with sharp edges and a good grip. Some cheap tweezers are kind of rounded and slippery, which makes them hard to use.

Pinkiou eyebrow tweezers – Calibrated tension gives you precise removal of coarse, fine, vellus and ingrown brow and facial hairs every time. These comfort grip precision tweezers have a professional grade angled straight tip to remove hair along the brow bone with ease. Great tension also allows these Straight tweezers to function well as a false eyelash applicator for eyelash extensions.
Pinkiou eyebrow tweezers– Made from the highest quality Stainless Steel, saving you time and money. No more re-sharpening!
PERFECTLY ALIGNED HAND-FILED TIPS – Our hand-filed Straight tip tweezers perfectly align for an easy and pain free splinter and hair removal process. Don’t pinch or damage your sensitive skin any longer with inferior skincare cosmetic tools.

Rapidly And Softly Hair Removal HS-3066

Pinkiou Rechargeable Lady Facial hair removal bikini shaver fashion modeling defeatherer Barber Electric Epilator,the perfect facial removal.
Use of This epilation, you can quickly and easily and effectively remove unwanted body hair.
Bring you unprecedented comfort painless plucking experience.
If you regularly (every 4 weeks) use of the product, your skin will be silky smooth while inhibiting hair growth by up to 50%.
Pinkiou Electric Epilator can rapidly rotating wheel grip shortest hair,and uprooted. So you can make your skin smooth for up to four weeks long, regeneration of hair becomes soft like hairs.
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