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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

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How to set up an Pinkiou-eyebrow tattoo machine to make perfect eyebrow? 10-0114(DSH-0004) 10-0081

This video show up how we set up an Pinkiou-eyebrow tattoo machine easily.

What You Need to Get Started:

Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine
Permanent Makeup Tips – These guide your needles. They’re disposable.
Permanent Makeup Needles – These are special needles that can only be used with permanent
makeup machines.
Cosmetic Machine Tubes – This is the end of the machine; it’s the portion of the machine
that the needle and tip go in and slide over. If you have a steel tube, you can reuse it
by sterilizing it before each use. That can be time-consuming, though, so many people
prefer to use disposable plastic tips. If you have a busy shop, disposable tubes are the
way to go.
Pigments – You’ll need permanent makeup pigments, or inks, in a variety of colors so you
can do eyebrow, lip liner, and other cosmetic tattoos.
Basic Pinkiou-Permanent Makeup Machine Setup Instructions

Step 1: Purchase a Pinkiou-permanent makeup tattoo machine, permanent makeup needles,
cosmetic machine tubes, and permanent makeup tips.
Step 2: Take out your machine and a single card needle,tip.
Step 3: Remove all pieces from their sterilized packaging.
Step 4: Push the needle into the slot of your cosmetic tattoo machine.
Step 5: Push the needle all the way in, until it can’t go back any further.
Step6: Place the tip onto the tube, over the needle, and you’re ready!

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