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How to properly use Pinkiou Eyebrow Ruler? 10-0179

Pinkiou Eyebrow ruler – perfect to find your perfect length eyebrow stencil!

Step 1:Find the goldden mean.
Step 2:Using wider aperture mesure distance between scleras.
Step 3:Place fourth part on divider and mark the beginnings of the eyebrow.
Step 4:Find arcade and stay parallel with ridge.
Step 5:Feel the bone to found a point 4
Step 6:Place the dividers as shown to found point 2.(Divider is flexible)
Step 7:Just flip divider to found point 5
Step 8:Pull skin,while skin is stretched draw the line in the canal of the arch for point6.Now
connect all points.
Step 9:Copy all the point on the left eyebrow.

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♠Pinkiou Eyebrow Ruler Permanent Makeup Stencils Microblading Ratio Measure DIY Stencil For Eyebrows♣


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