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How to use Pinkiou Eyebrow Tweezers Pluck Your Eyebrows?

Are you worried about plucking your eyebrows? You’ll feel a little pinch, but using the right technique will minimize the pain. Learn how to pluck and shape your brows like a professional.

 Using the Right Technique
Get a good pair of tweezers. Use fine-tipped, clean tweezers to do the job. If the tweezers you use are too blunt or unwieldy, the process of plucking can take much longer and cause unnecessary pain. You need to be able to firmly grasp individual hairs and pull them out smoothly.
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Soften the skin around your brows. When the skin there is soft and supple, the hairs slide out much more easily. Plucking skin that is dry and stiff will make the experience more painful.
Plan to pluck your brows right after you take a shower. The warm water and steam will have left your skin moist and supple.
 If you need to pluck at other times of the day, wash your face with warm water and blot it dry. You could also take a washcloth and put it in the hottest water you can handle, then place it on your eyebrows for 2 minutes. It will open the pores, making it easier to pluck.
Put some lotion on your eyebrows to make them softer and easier to pluck.
Identify the direction in which your eyebrow hair grows. For most people, the hair grows outward from the nose toward the hairline. In some cases, people’s brows have hairs growing in more than one direction. Take careful note, because you’ll want to pull the hairs in the direction of their growth when you pluck; this helps them come out cleanly.
Hold a pair of tweezers in your hand like you would a pencil. The open end should be up. Give it a few squeezes so you’re comfortable with the motion you will need to use to pluck your brows.
Place the tip of the tweezer at the root of the hair you want to pluck. (Follow the directions below to figure out which hair you should be plucking). Get as close to the root of the hair as possible and pull, always pulling in the direction of hair growth and keeping the tweezers angled as close to your skin as possible.
Continue this until you have finished plucking one brow, then repeat on the other brow.
If you need to stop and take some breaks, that’s ok. Resume plucking when you’re ready.
Sometimes plucking eyebrows causes the eyes to tear up and the nose to itch. That’s perfectly normal; just keep going until you’re finished.
Figuring Out Where to Pluck
Identify the place where your brows should begin. This is different for every face, but the same technique may be used to find anyone’s brow line. Take an eyebrow pencil or another long instrument and line it up from inner corner of your eye to the edge of your nose. Use a white pencil to make a dot above the spot where it crosses your eyebrow. This is where your brow should begin. Repeat with the other nostril.

Feel free to move the dot a little forward or backward. This technique shows you the general spot where your eyebrows should begin, but your personal preferences can also come into play

Make sure the instrument you use to find your brow’s starting place is very thin. If you use something thick, it will slightly throw off where you place the dot.


Figure out where your brows should peak. Nicely groomed eyebrows arch around the eye, and the place where they peak can make a big difference in your final look. Take the same instrument, and this time line it up from the outer edge of your nostril to the outer edge of your iris. Mark the spot where it crosses your brow, and repeat on the other side.

Mark where your brow should end. This time line up the instrument from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. Mark the spot where it falls across your brow. This is where your brow should naturally end; repeat on the other side.

Figure out how thick you want your brows to be. There is no “perfect” thickness for eyebrows; it all depends on your face shape and style choices. You should have a thickness in mind before you start plucking, so you’ll avoid plucking too much or too little. Consider the following factors:
The size of your eyes. If you have large eyes, you might want to balance them with thicker brows. If you have small eyes, balance them with thinner brows.
The space between your brows and your eyes. If your brows are set high on your forehead, you may want to go with heavier brows to help frame your eyes. If you have a low-set browbone that slightly juts over your eyes, go with thinner brows so they don’t look too heavy over your eyes.
Shaping Your Eyebrows
Use an eyebrow brush to brush the hairs straight up. Brush them slightly in the direction they grow. You’ll immediately see some long, unruly hairs that need to be plucked.
Pluck the hairs that fall outside the dots you made. Carefully pluck a hair at a time, shaping your brows according to the plan you made.
Pluck the hairs that are closer to your nose than the dots you drew over your inner brows.
Shape the arch areas by plucking a few hairs around the peaks to give them a more defined shape.
Pluck the hairs that fall closer to your temples than the dots you drew on the outside of your brows.
Pluck more hairs from the bottom of your brows to make them as thin or thick as you’d like.
Do not over pluck. When you’re shaping your brows, take it slow. Step back and look in the mirror every few minutes to check your progress. Make sure you don’t pluck too much; eyebrow hairs can take 6 weeks to grow back, and sometimes they don’t grow back at all.
Finish with brow gel. Comb your brows in the direction of their growth and apply a bit of brow gel (or hair gel) to hold them in place.

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