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Buy new tweezers. Maybe you are holding the tweezers too loosely or you are not having a good grip on either the tweezers or the hairs. Otherwise, your tweezers are probably just inadequate. Be sure to get ones with sharp edges and a good grip. Some cheap tweezers are kind of rounded and slippery, which makes them hard to use.

Pinkiou eyebrow tweezers – Calibrated tension gives you precise removal of coarse, fine, vellus and ingrown brow and facial hairs every time. These comfort grip precision tweezers have a professional grade angled straight tip to remove hair along the brow bone with ease. Great tension also allows these Straight tweezers to function well as a false eyelash applicator for eyelash extensions.
Pinkiou eyebrow tweezers– Made from the highest quality Stainless Steel, saving you time and money. No more re-sharpening!
PERFECTLY ALIGNED HAND-FILED TIPS – Our hand-filed Straight tip tweezers perfectly align for an easy and pain free splinter and hair removal process. Don’t pinch or damage your sensitive skin any longer with inferior skincare cosmetic tools.

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