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Pinkiou Rechargeable Lady Facial hair removal bikini shaver fashion modeling defeatherer Barber Electric Epilator (purple)

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  • Pinkiou Lady electric shaver and epilator with high-performance dual-speed motor and 3 snap-on hair remover attachments for easy hair removal at home.
  • Pinkiou epilator includes a Shaver Head with hypo-allergenic blades and foil for hair removal on sensitive skin and a pop-up trimmer to capture stray hairs and shape bikini areas;
  • Rapidly rotating wheel grip and uprooted shortest hair make your skin smooth, and regeneration of hair becomes soft like hairs
  • Micro-processor regulated cutting speeds, Ergonomic and low noise design
  • Safe and beautiful out-looking With retail packaging

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Epilator For Women

Using the epilator, you can easily and effectively remove unwanted body hair. At the same time it brings you unprecedented comfort painless plucking experience. If you regularly (every 4 weeks) use the product, your skin will be silky and smooth, while inhibiting hair growth by up to 50%. So you can make your skin smooth for up to four weeks, regeneration of hair becomes soft like hairs.

Electric Epilator for Women


This product can be directly charged by the adapter.

Before you use this product, the battery charge for at least 10 hours, the battery is running a minimum of 40 minutes. This product is not to charge more than 24 hours time. When charging, to ensure that the product is turned off.


Before using this product, please read this manual, and keep it for future reference.

1. Please keep the product and adapter dry.

2. Do not use this product in the bath or shower.

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2 reviews for Pinkiou Rechargeable Lady Facial hair removal bikini shaver fashion modeling defeatherer Barber Electric Epilator (purple)

  1. JulietBM

    I always had a big problem whenever I used tweezer to pull out my hairs under arm. It took long time and very tiring. So I just used razor to shave my hairs underarm but the hairs grew up easily in just few days. Most of the time I was imagining that someday they would invent electric or battery operated tweezers that my problem under my arm would be solved and no more hard time pulling my hair. Until one day I saw in the tv commercial about the battery operated tweezer and right away I checked it if Amazon had that item and I found it. So I bought it. This is my first battery recharger tweezer and I love it so much because it pulls all my hairs underarm from the roots in just few minutes and I can do it myself without help. It hurt the first time but the next time i used it again it didn’t hurt me no more. The hairs don’t grow up easily it takes long time. Since I bought it a month ago I used it only twice because the hairs take long time to grow up. Until now I have no hairs yet.
    Highly recommended.

  2. Kristina K

    Epilator works great, every attachment works great!

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