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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

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Plucking your eyebrows to keep them looking great can be a chore, and trying to use poor-quality tweezers only makes the process more time-consuming and uncomfortable.
cosmetic tool – eyebrow tweezers/eyebrow puller
1 eyebrow clip bite than ordinary pulled closer, natural eyebrow more easily pull small eyebrows.
2 eyebrow clamp pressure and temperature of the special steel,slippery design more attached.
3 We will ship randomly for each style according to the stock.
3.Built Material: Stainless steel
Package Includes:
PACK OF 6 Eyebrow tweezers
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21 reviews for Pinkiou Professional Slant tip Eyebrow Tweezers beauty cosmetic makeup clip 6 style pack of 6 pcs (Korea)

  1. Lynn (store manager)

    My favorite tweezers by far! I can count on these tweezers to get at the tiny hairs & last a long time. For me, these are way better than more expensive tweezers. I also keep that band that comes with the tweezers when I’m finished using them I place it back around the bottom to keep the tweezers from bending & helps them to last longer.

  2. Heather Quevreaux

    As a licensed professional, this is junk. They tips don¡¯t connect to one another. The ends are warped and makes it ineffective.


    Loved the kit, and highly recommend =)

  4. Kyla Maddox

    This set comes with four different tweezers which work in different ways. I always had one tweezer, but have just discovered what I¡¯ve been missing. If one tweezer doesn¡¯t get the hair, another one will. The case makes it perfect for travel!

  5. craig peters

    I only use for eyebrows but these come in a pack with multiple use tweezers.

  6. Ralph Davis

    Absolutely love the different ones in the package easy case to keep them all together perfect for traveling

  7. Susan Jordan

    I really like the leather pouch. It doesn’t feel cheap. Additionally, I got it when the price had lowered down to around $6 so it was a value pack for me. The colours are beautiful. I don’t know how things will change over time but because I don’t need to do a lot of tweezing hopefully, it would work just as nice.

  8. Julia fuller

    I am comparing this to the cheap Walmart brand tweezer I had before, this came in a nice package and travelling case. I like the colors on it but these are not really good at picking small hairs, instead it end up cutting the hairs itself. The end also isn’t textured so grabbing on to the hair can be difficult.

  9. Robert Pelsmaeker

    I have loved this set of tweezers. My husband gets slivers weekly from work and these have been great at getting them out along with plucking hair. I loved them so much I then bought my mom a set.

  10. Nancy Wood

    Love the case and the whole thing.

  11. Julia fuller

    They’re ok. They work, but not wonderfully. It’s a nice assortment for the price. I kept them, but I wouldn’t buy again.

  12. Deb Hallin

    Like the case and different types of tweezers

  13. Deb Hallin

    Perfect for every task.Love the different types included with the nice storing case.

  14. Claudia Newman

    I love this set and the case it come in.It makes it easy to use and easy to find when you need it

  15. Lillian Watford

    They are great and the case if even better.

  16. Nathalia Bogan

    Love them all. They actually hold onto the hair.

  17. Christine Taplin

    Love how many tweezers and the variety of sizes and shapes for the value. I feel like an adult now.

  18. Eileen Marie Holder

    I was hoping that these would be great, but disappointed not very good at all. They don¡¯t grab things very well. Takes a long time to pluck your eyebrows or remove a splinter:(

  19. Pattee Bouchard

    My wife loves it

  20. William Connow

    These were great! Can’t complain!

  21. Sharon LeChard

    I bought these because of the good reviews. I went to shop for a tweezer figuring it was going to cost a lot. But people liked these. $7! They work well. The different angles let me choose the best one for where I’m tweezing. I pair these with a magnifying light up mirror that is on a stand. My eyebrows have never looked so good! I love the four colors and the nice case.

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