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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

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Gel matrix is rich in vitamin E and mineral oils (jojoba oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, etc).
Designed to moisturize the skins and make your hands feet look fresh and nourishing.
Helps soothe and soften your hands feet
The sustained release of the TPR mineral oil can repair the dry and rough hands feet
Used together with body lotion or hand cream, creating better effect
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20 reviews for Pinkiou Gel SPA Moisturizing Gloves Soft Cotton with Thermoplastic Repair Cracked Cuticles Dry Skin Treatment Hydrating Gel Lining Infused with Essential Oils Vitamins

  1. Whitney Koch

    Very good product. Excellent price.

  2. Deidra Booker

    Moisturizing depends on what and how much lotion, Vaseline, etc you use but the gloves hold the moisture in to soften the skin.

  3. Dennis Ryan


  4. Michelle Love

    They do the job!

  5. Delores Griner

    I just used this to match my clown costume for Halloween. I would not use to do work of any kind, they will rip easy.

  6. George Kline

    loose threads, very thin, kind of porous for wearing while having moisturizer on hands. don’t know how they’ll hold up to washing. they say they can be washed? will seethey arrive quickly and with good packaging. Price was low so it a good thing considering the quality.

  7. Linda Parker

    My mother in law needed these to cover her hand.

  8. Cassie Diaz

    These are not all cotton. See through and stretch. Do yourself a favor buy some at a beauty supply store that are all cotton. I cant imagine using my thick hand cream and using these. Might as well use gauze.Agree with others on here this is false advertising and dangerous, as if you have latex allergies like I do, you should not use these gloves. I work in the health profession and needed cotton gloves to restore my hands at night with a cream. These arrived today and are going back, hopefully to China where they were made.

  9. Karen Nessim

    Quality & softness is wonderf.Thks!

  10. Traci Brown

    I just wanted some basic gloves to put on over lotion at night. These do the trick! Don’t think they have any moisturizing value on their own as asked by the question above.

  11. Sharon Aine

    Used for handling delicate silk scarves, also when polishing silver

  12. jerry lee

    Purchased to use for making gold leaf cards. Have not made the cards at this time;however, the gloves feel nice and have some comfortable stretch to them.

  13. Lee Krowka

    Several pair had brown stains. They were not as pictured or described. Totally different gloves.

  14. Shirley Boyter

    Alot of left over threads was hanging where the stitching ends.


    Very soft and works great with lotion

  16. Julie Vakula

    Soft, good size too.

  17. Amber Socie

    Exactly what i wanted!

  18. Shanna Teets

    The gloves were large enough. I didn’t buy them to moisturize but to wear at night over moisturizer.

  19. Brenda Baez

    good for keeping fingerprints off of glass

  20. Charles Calandra

    The gloves fit me well and keep lotion from rubbing off on clothing and bedding.

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