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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

Online Sale for Airbrush Kit Permanent Makeup Microblading Nail Art Tools

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The nail drill acrylic nail tools is widely used for manicuring, pedicuring, shaping, polishing, remove callus, remove gel nel and so on. Suitable for professional nail division or personal manicure/pedicure, especially in travel.
Designed to work with low vibrations and less noise, it ensures less pressure, more comfort and longer usage time. This nail art drill machine is ideal for salons, spas and beauty parlors and can also be used at home.

Product Size: 5.2*0.7 inch
Speed: 0 RPM up to 26,000 RPM (adjustable)
Color: Silver
Input Voltage: 110V~240V
Output Voltage: DC 5V 1A

Package Included:
1 X Nail Drill Machine
5 X Carbide Drill Bits
6 X Original Drill Bits
6 x Original Sanding Bands
1 x AC Adapter
1 x English Manual

19 reviews for Pinkiou Electric Nail Drill Set Handpiece File Grinder Manicure Pedicure Tools with Nail Polishing Bits for Acrylic Gel Nails Home Salon Use

  1. Leonda Nance

    This drill is quiet and lightweight. The battery life is also really good when fully charged.

  2. Lolita Duncan

    Easy to use especially for beginners, this drill is comfortable to hold & hardly any noticeable vibration! Seen a few youtubers using & thought I would try it! I love using it!

  3. Katey Burger

    I purchased this product for all nail care and feet care. I didn’t want a battery or cordless USB Cable Set because you can’t get enough power I read some of the reviews from Nail Technicians and Students using 5his product and gave it an A+. With the Virus enterferring with everybody’s normal daily life for so long I found a solution until I get to Salon. This is an powerful device. I give it an A+++++.Jewels

  4. Gloria Bishop

    I have had it for 3 months now and it works perfectly fine. Super lightweight to hold. Would definitely recommend!

  5. Michael Pontillo

    I paired this nail drill with the MelodySusie cuticle bit and baby let me tell u, I do my own gel nails with the Kiara Sky jelly tips kit this makes it so much easier it really is a life saver. I wanna say I bought this on sale for $49.99 best $50 I ever spent I love this drill.

  6. William Inirio Richards

    This E File is a game changer! Works like a dream! Stays charged along time! Absolutely love it!

  7. William Inirio Richards

    Everything came in very organized & it even comes with nail drills & a holder for the actual drill. There are different settings you can put it on that make filing so much easier. Compared to my $15 drill this was the upgrade i needed :))

  8. Thomas Lewis

    **Adding an edit after being reached out by customer support**After posting my review, the company reached out to discuss my situation. They stood behind their product and even though the drill couldn’t be repaired we were able to resolve the situation. I’ve never had an issue with Melody Susie until this situation and would recommend their products to others which I always have. Appreciate their assistance but am still sad about the drill.*************************************************************************************************************************I do my nails semi-regularly every 2 to 3 weeks. I got this drill in October after my other drill from another company suddenly died out of nowhere after almost 2 years of having it. This drill has been great and I have been shocked at how wonderfully it performed…until today. I am currently in the middle of shaping my nails and it started to have a tremble in the barrel, the tremble turned to a shake and then sputtered. i thought maybe I put the drill bit in too far so I adjusted it. turned it back on after making the adjustment and now it won’t cut on at all…its fully charged and showing me it should be on. Disappointed I lost another drill way sooner than i should have. its only been six months. I had my last drill for almost 2 years.

  9. Sue Cisick

    I bought it twice and they both broke within a year probably less, I don¡¯t use it often just on my own nails, and on the second one I even use dust protector and I was super careful and never dropped it and it still stopped working, i wouldn¡¯t waste my money on this.

  10. Fairouz Alashmali

    It was broken when I received I recommended opening asap and testing

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