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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

Online Sale for Airbrush Kit Permanent Makeup Microblading Nail Art Tools

Six sets (including leather)
1.Mouth Mirror
3.Hoe-shaped Cleaners
5.Sickle Cleaners
6.Tooth Stain Rejection Device

Probe,  Marterial:stainless steel,Size:17cm,Weight:16.6g,

Features:Used to detect the extent of tooth defects, depth and hardness, check the feeling of tooth tissue, found sensitive points and perforation of the hole,also can replace the ordinary toothpick use.

Mouth Mirror, Marterial:stainless steel,Size:16.2cm,Weight:21.1g,

Features:Can be a good observation of the teeth directly when the mirror can not see the place, handle can also be used for percussion.

Tweezers, Marterial:stainless steel,Size:15.7cm,Weight:25.6g,

Features:Used to hold the crown to determine the degree of loose teeth, folder to the mouth of foreign body, tooth card food can also be used to help her out.

Sickle Cleaners, Marterial:stainless steel,Size:17.1cm,Weight:16.6g,

Features:The working edge of the shape of the sickle, the use of the effective edge of the sickle at both ends of the two sides of the edge, suitable for scraping teeth teeth, the smaller tip can be inserted into the periodontal pocket, scraping the potential subgingival calculus.

Hoe-shaped Cleaners, Marterial:stainless steel,Size:17cm,Weight:16.2g,

Features:The shape of the work side, such as hoe, left and right pairs, the edge of the edge into an acute angle, the use of acute angle on the calculus in the gingival sulcus, curettage gums.

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26 reviews for Dental Hygiene Kit Pinkiou Dental Tools Set Stainless Steel Dentist Use Dental Pick Floss Gum Tools Stainless Steel Tarter Scraper Tooth Pick Dental Scaler and Tweezers Oral Mirror Probe Tool

  1. Dkay

    I like that these are stainless steel so I don’t have to worry about them rusting. I sterilized it by boiling them in hot water. I have an obsession with picking stuff like blackheads LOL and I enjoy picking at the plaque(not sure if that’s the correct name for the white stuff behind your teeth) I will not share a picture of the process but it works well and it helps me take out a lot of plaque

  2. AuntB (store manager)

    Great set up! It comes in a nice little case that you could carry in your purse. It has all the tools you need to keep your teeth clean and beautiful!

  3. Kate Miller

    It’s a basic dental kit,where you have everything you need. It should be in every house. Good way to improve your dental health.

  4. K&D (store manager)

    Just what I needed to clean my kids teeth in between dental visits! I try really hard brushing their teeth but they are still prone to plaque build up in the back. My youngest son is starting to get cavities even being diligent in cleaning. I had to order this ASAP because I don’t want any more cavities. It’s a really nice set and working out just great. Would recommend this.

  5. marie tilson

    These tools were just what I needed for keeping a clean mouth.

  6. JR

    Very useful tool kit. Glad I bought it

  7. Sara amerson

    It¡¯s a simple kit. Not meant to be fancy. Functions as it should.

  8. Kailyn Larousse

    Low quality… already the tools inside are broken

  9. Alan Campbell

    Everything was shipped to me in great condition. Tool and case are good quality.

  10. Julie Copeland

    works great and high quality product!

  11. Robiah Johnson

    Poor quality. Too coarse.

  12. Elizabeth Evans

    Everything came intact, well packaged for shipping.

  13. Timur Muhtorov

    this is a good product

  14. Jamie Harbert

    I wasn’t expecting much so I was super happy when I got it and saw what a great set of dental tools it is. You won’t be disappointed!

  15. Sandra Staton

    Broke after a few uses. Tried contacting company, they said they¡¯d send a replacement but it never came. My loss 🙁

  16. Roxann Hall

    Excellent, except case is crowded & zipper tang is small to try and use. I put a key ring gizmo on it to make it easier to open & close.

  17. Philip Kalnitsky

    I like the overall quality of the tools. Not a cheap knockoff.

  18. Jennifer Gibbs

    New, easy to use and nothing was broken.

  19. Melody Solis

    The bag could be slightly longer to fit the tools. The sharp points of the tools kinda stick out and stab your hands due to bag being a little tight

  20. Maria Roque

    Hi this was exactly what I needed and the quality is like what my dentist used.

  21. Christina Andrews

    Easy to use, convenient case

  22. Nancy Campbell

    Good function and cheaper than similar products named for dog teeth clean.

  23. Lilia Garcia

    Great warranty, Tools look professional

  24. Zeinab Hamka

    This kit has everything that you need to keep your teeth clean. The tools are made very well. The tool pouch is not made very well. The zipper broke with the first use! But the tools are very well made!

  25. Patrick Dolon

    Very nice. Will last for years. Easy to use. Even the case is Quality.

  26. John Dugan

    These are very sharp appliances that can cause serious gum bleeding. These are really best used by a hygienist

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