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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

Online Sale for Airbrush Kit Permanent Makeup Microblading Nail Art Tools


Sharp cutting edge

Easy to cut the thick nails

ABS material handle

Comfortable feeling

Ingrown Nail Lifter

Lift ingrown part away from the skin, Remove the dirt from nails easily

Nail File

Texture Surfaces-Grind Fin-gernail and toenail edge easily and make your nail finer

Package Include:

1*Heavy Duty Nail Clippers

1*Toenail Clippers

1*Ingrown Toenail File

1*Cuticle Pusher

1*Toenail Lifter

1*Nail File

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  1. Deborah Hammond

    Product seems to be sturdy and works well but, I have only been able to use it once before this review came in.

  2. james greenhill

    Nice quality tweezers and case. I¡¯m very impressed with the precision when using them.

  3. james greenhill

    I love the little case cute they do the job

  4. Elpidio Rivera

    I use for removal of ingrown hairs…very effective, easy and comfortable to hold and use.

  5. Carol Vinson

    You won¡¯t go wrong for the quality and price! Don¡¯t delay, get them today!

  6. Candace Ahrends

    Unwanted hair and splinters, watch out!! These tools are fierce! They are sturdy, well made, sharp and solid. Super happy with their performance and the sharp/pointed one is freaking PERFECT at removing splinters. So happy!!!

  7. Sabrina Lopez

    worth the money

  8. Lois Davy

    I have been looking for good tweezers for a long time. With this product, the hair still usually slips out, and if you get too strong a squeeze, it just cuts the hair where you pinch it. Piece of junk.

  9. Belinda Wilcox

    They work!

  10. mari reed

    Does what they’re supposed to do. Fit and finish are good, especially at this price.

  11. Dixie Gordon

    Great little set to get rid of the unwanted hair I’m finding as I grow old.

  12. Nicole Martin


  13. Sharon Ann Carneal

    I bought these tweezers just to manage facial hair and pluck out eyebrows which they did a great job for about a month. Considering I bought them for just $5 that’s incredibly value in my eyes. From there, though, the tweezers began to dull and I can no longer pluck my hair because the tweezers seem not to be able to grab the hair as well as they used to and I have to try dozens of times on a single hair just to get it out. I do recommend for travelling but not for every day use.

  14. Matenah Farquhar

    Ludoupier Tweezers feel easy to handle. They grab the eyebrow hair the majority of the time. They’re heavy duty and feel like sturdy thick metal thats not flimsy like some tweezers I’ve used. The case is very convenient. I added a small magnifying mirror to the case and it works great. I would recommend.

  15. Doreen Simon

    They do not work very well. It was not worth my money.

  16. Shonta Lawton

    I purchased these exactly a year ago and each tweezer has become unaligned making it not able to pluck hairs and therefore useless. I feel like a tweezers should last longer than a year.

  17. Cora Quon

    That¡¯s good and great to use but they¡¯re a little too sharp for me. It hurts sometimes when I use them because they stab me

  18. Slava Glazkov

    Several different types of tweezers. Something for everything.

  19. Samantha Vierling

    These tweezers are great for plucking facial hair. They have good grip and easy to handle. Priced perfectly. I will buy again.

  20. trelia garner

    These are great for the price. They work good and get the job done.

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