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The beauty LED travel Light up mirror is built-in rechargeable Lithium battery, no need to charge frequently or change battery any more, convenient for you to take for travelling

The LED lights are controlled by the touch sensor switch, simply tap the sensor switch to turn ON/OFF and change the 3 light colors, and long press it can adjust the brightness.

Whether you’re in a hotel, train, university or at home this mirror makes it easy for slipping into your overnight bag ready to take on whatever the new day brings.

Long press theswitch to adjust the brightness

Three-color lightcan be adjusted freely, suitable for various scenes

White light:suitable for daily work makeup

Natural light:suitable for outdoor activities makeup

Warm Light: MakeupLooks for Evenings and Parties

20 reviews for Pinkiou Moderm Portable Mirror Compact Rechargeable Travel Mirror with 3 Colors Lighting and Touch Sensor Dimming, Portable High Definition Lighted Makeup Mirror

  1. tracy Johnson

    My daughter just switched from glasses to contacts and found that placing the contacts over the bathroom sink and under the bright lights made it very difficult. This mirror can stand on its own, on any surface that¡¯s a comfortable height for her, and offers a natural light option that can be dimmed to reduce eye strain. It arrived charged a month ago and it¡¯s still going on that charge alone. It¡¯s large enough for her to see her whole face, but small enough to put in my purse.It¡¯s made all the difference.


    The brightness is perfect you can lower or make it brighter the mirror is not blurry it¡¯s great quality!the size is perfect for traveling or when you are in a rush but can¡¯t take a huge mirror with you 10/10 definitely recommend

  3. Kewanna Cigales

    Great travel mirror perfect for on the go Glam ??????

  4. veronica perry

    Perfecto para llevarlo cuando salgas de paseo

  5. Johnson Pham

    El espejo es tal y como se describe, tiene muy buena iluminaci¨®n en las tres tonalidades. Es compacto y ligero.

  6. Donna Oswald

    it looks pretty right price thats it in its favor//the lights are adjustable i wear glasses and the lights glare through them. tried making them softer then couldnt see anything, i was not happy or impressed/wont recomend to anyone who wears contacts or regular glasses useless

  7. Katherine Bakke

    Travel easy to pack

  8. Michelle Harnois

    Great for traveling and light is nice and bright with three options.

  9. Jerome Mertus

    Small, lightweight and bright!

  10. Caron Daly

    I love this mirror, it is compact, slim, and lightweight. The light is beautiful and bright and comes with three settings (warm, cool, neutral) and a dimmer. You can place the mirror on a table so you can be hands free. This is a convenient mirror (it¡¯s rechargeable!) and absolutely worth the price.

  11. linda chromy

    Is perfect for traveling and the light is strong too

  12. Poppy Stephens

    Great size mirror, love the rectangle size, SO much better than the little round ones, and very portable, but please, give us a battery compartment. I get 1 hour out of a full charge, it’s ridiculous. I use it to do work on my teeth, so it takes me a long while. What happened to batteries? There no point in using this without having it plugged in. Little usb cords all over my house now, because everyone thinks that is the way to go!Give me a battery compartment any day of the week over this! Stop with the every device must be chargeable! Batteries work GREAT!I can’t keep track of all the little cords, nor does my old house have enough plugs for all these hunky charging adapters. It’s becoming ridiculous. Labeling cords!I wind up using my other trying portable mirror with batteries, and it just keeps going and going, and I have lots more batteries. Makeup users, you’ll be charging every other day, so much for portable. And the other mirror has the option, came with charging cord, AND a battery compartment. WIN WIN

  13. margaret oneal

    It worked great for the first little while vut now it won’t hold a charge. So it ALWAYS needs to be plugged in — not so convenient.

  14. Angela Cedillos

    Looking for a lighted make-up mirror to overcome poor lighting in most hotel rooms and this is perfect!

  15. Nancy Robson


  16. sue hunt

    I gave this as a gift to my daughter. This mirror would work only when it wanted. We thought it was just a defective mirror, so we tried another. You guessed it, same thing. I was very disappointed that it also was as defectively bad as the first mirror.WARNING TO CUSTOMERS,TRY ANOTHER BRAND.Marilyn B.

  17. Beatriz Delgado

    Es una excelente opci¨®n para viajes para el maquillaje

  18. Jared Greenwood

    I love this mirror. It is light weight and easy to pack and use. I wish the mirror was just a little stronger.

  19. Maryanne Alexander

    Love it ! Recommend, would buy again !

  20. Shannon Peterson

    Why is every hotel room so dim? I can’t answer that, but this mirror can solve the problem. It takes almost no room in your luggage and and so nice to have.

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