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Take The Best Care Of Your Injured, Broken Or Achy Fingers At Home With The Most Supportive & Adjustable Finger Braces By Pinkiou!

Aluminum Finger Splint Features:

luminum Plate with smooth Edge won’t bring second damage for your fingers

A soft and Breathable sponge will relieve your pain while giving good protection for your broken finger

Durable Velcro will give long protection for you

Package includes:

Large Finger Splint (9cm/3.5in)*1

Medium Finger Splint (8cm/3.1in)*1

Small Finger Splint (5.4cm/2.1in)*1


13 reviews for Pinkiou Metal Finger Splints and Braces, 3PCS Finger Support Brace Finger Stabilizer with Soft Foam Interior and Loop Straps for Broken Fingers Straightening Arthritis Knuckle Immobilization

  1. Melinda Dangerfield

    My 7 yr old hurt his finger bad playing basketball and he needed one of these he was able to wear it and said it was comfortable but his finger felt sweaty in it. It help us when we needed something for not that long he wore it for about 5 days. Also to add it comes with different sizes so that’s a plus.

  2. Mary Hughes

    Greatest thing ever for my sprained middle finger. Very comfy and useful in more ways than one. Go get one!

  3. Mona Legler

    Very comfortable and easy to use after my finger surgery. Perfect adjustable fit!

  4. Rachel sampson

    I bought these for my Mom after she fell and broke her finger in 2 places which was diagnosed while she was hospitalized for covid. The brace they sent her home with was a joke and wouldn’t stay on. These were inexpensive and worked perfectly keeping her finger straight while it healed. They are bulky but did the job. Having the 3 sizes was nice because we weren’t sure which one would be the one that fit with her knuckle so swollen. The foam padding cushioned her finger and you can adjust the Velcro strap so as the swelling subsided we could make it more snug. We tried these and another set that was like a neoprene or moleskin with a stay in it…..that one slipped off right away. This one stayed on even while she was dressing. Good price for what you get and served the purpose until she saw an Orthopedic doctor. If you have kids in sports or do a lot of outdoor activities these are nice to keep handy in your first Aide kit.

  5. Richard Hann

    Good value for the money spent

  6. kyle mizell

    Great quality and doesn’t get any better. They do get dirty if used every day, but what are you going to do?

  7. Sandra McCarter

    My son says it’s very comfortable and helped his finger.

  8. nancy surrett

    Husband liked it very much, protected his finger tip.

  9. Kathleen Kern

    These splints were exactly as advertised, comfortable, and durable.

  10. Pat Avery

    Higher quality than average and brilliant design. The straps are anchored to the splint so you can adjust them appropriately without them slipping around or slipping off completely. The softer side of the velcro faces out so it’s also more comfortable in that respect. A+ for design and quality. Worth the price 100%

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