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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

Online Sale for Airbrush Kit Permanent Makeup Microblading Nail Art Tools

Ultrasonic vibration

– High-frequency micro-vibration penetrates deeply into the bottom of the skin, relaxes the skin, introduces nutrients, takes effect quickly, and does not harm the skin

Simulate beats, massages, kneads

– Do acupuncture massage and muscle training through EMS patches


Medical grade stainless steel surface

– Through permanent anti-oxidant treatment

– Has anti-perspiration corrosion and wear resistance

4 high-quality LED lights

– Evenly distributed LED lights on the outer ring of the probe

– Provide high-intensity and sufficient irradiation

– You can fully enjoy the effects of infrared physiotherapy

LED Red Light 

– 630nm wavelength, acting on the basal layer of the skin to increase skin elasticity, prevent rough skin, and make skin delicate

Package Includes:

– 3 in1 slimming machine

– Electrode contact pad

– Voltage adapter

– Manual

– Packing box

20 reviews for Pinkiou 3 in 1 Body Slimming Device Fat Removal Slim Machine Body Massager for Women Machine Face & Body(Pink)

  1. Tammy Evans

    This thing is trash. Overheated on the first use and smoke started coming out. If I hadn’t unplugged it would have probably caught on fire

  2. Rosemarie Azzara

    This unit does not work as advertised. The electrical stim was very weak, even on the highest setting. The cord for the electrical stim pads kept malfunctioning. The handheld unit overheated almost immediately upon usage. Don’t waste your time or money.

  3. Dawn Bilbrough

    Broke after 2weeks. Don’t turn on anymore. Waste of money.

  4. Gili Acajale

    I decided to get this product because it promotes collagen production. After giving birth through a cesarean, I had a very flabby stomach and tons of inflammation. I massaged my stomach with this product every other day with this product for a month. I saw improvements after two weeks use. The device was super easy to use, I added gel to slide in my skin and shortly my skin began to tighten up and thicken back up, getting rid of the stretched sagging skin. A also took collagen supplements together with this product and it really helped me get back to pre birth body.

  5. marj reeves

    I noticed results in two weeks on my ads and lower stomach

  6. Jasmine Burnett

    I am still a work in progress, but so far, I am enjoying using the Slimming Device. It is very easy to use and very relaxing. (no pain at all) It is so relaxing that I start falling asleep when I use it.Can’t wait to see the results!!

  7. Marie Moszee

    F¨¢cil de usar

  8. Polinda Keo

    I just got this not to long ago. I¡¯ve used it a few times. I¡¯m going to use it again once I get the serum that is says to use with it and see if I see a difference with that. But I¡¯m excited to try the electro therapy aspect of it.

  9. Stephanie Bradley

    This machine does what it says. Is not magic, but I can see a slight improvement. I like that it has three different modes you can use. I have been using it for about a month, and I noticed some improvement in my skin texture and a mild but noticeable improvement in my waistline. I have lost a little over an inch so far, without doing any other changes except the use of these little machine. I repeat this is not miraculous, but I think it’s working. Price’s reasonable too. I have paid a lot more for sessions with a similar machine at an esthetician’s.

  10. KJ Remsen

    Second time purchasing this item! Works amazing and does the job.

  11. Christopher Woods

    The product is easy to use!

  12. Debra Pirnar

    Light weight and easy to use

  13. Monica Bourgeois

    Portable and easy to use


    This product is very easy to use and lightweight. Definitely a great buy

  15. Paul Smith

    Works really very with coconut oil

  16. Kamia Chapman

    Similar to a device used on me during a facial and this is a fraction of the price…super excited to try!

  17. Toni Conerly

    This product arrived quickly and was very easy to use. I ordered some conductive gel to go along with it to use properly and so far so good. Ot doesn’t heat up where it can burn you and ultimately very easy to use. Will try to post an update after using for some time.

  18. Elena Novakovskaia

    This product is a must buy! Absolutely love using it. Easy to use & definitely worth it.

  19. Alan Diehl

    Love how warm and inviting it leaves face feeling. Also has pads that feel like a tens unit really feel relaxing. Using on pressure points increases effectiveness. Love it

  20. John Annis

    I ordered this to smooth my abdomen post lipo and it definitely does that. I noticed a big difference after about a 30 minute use. I will update as I continue to use daily.

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