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How to use microblading pen

What is microbalding pen?

The Eyebrow Tattoo Pen is an eyebrow pen designed to give you similar results to microblading—a professional treatment where eyebrows are hand drawn using small blades. While microblading is a good option for a long-lasting semi-permanent solution.

Why microblading eyebrow is getting more and more popular?

Use this pen not only for microblading and the recreation of hair strokes as well.Durable aluminum pens with lock-pin tech and ergonomic grip shape brows fuller and lusher.Microblading tattoo pen can use for a long time. Can bring smooth lines when working, make perfect eyebrow for all your eyebrow.Excellent for eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, such as embroidery, cross-stitch, carving, row, tattooing,etc.

Then i will introduce how to use the microblading pen:

Operation Instruction:

  • Unscrew the pen tip
  • Pull out the needle solt from the tip
  • Insert the needle into needle solt from the side
  • Adjust the length of the needle depends on your needs
  • Put it back into tip after inserting the needle
  • Screw on the pen tip
  • Trace the eyebrow shape you like, then use with the paste pigment that suitable you eyebrow color, then you can shape it on your eyebrow, it’s easy to use and with long-lasting effect.

Eyebrows frame the eyes giving expression to our face as a whole. They make subtle but dramatic differences in our whole demeanor, communicating, and strengthening our expression of emotion. Using the microblading eyebrow pen will recreate your a perfect eyebrows.The needles are designed scientifically and reasonably to achieve the best pigment application .The eyebrow handmade tattoo pen is easy to cope with and not easy to damage.The microblading pens makes all the difference in shaping flawless and full brows that will rave about. Get it ! !

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