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How to Sterilize Nail Tools in Salon

Manicure tools disinfection – why so important ?

As we all know, we all like to do nail art in our daily. Although safety awareness of nail stylists work increases significantly, care for hygiene during styling is still underestimated that listing the risks arising from disregarding standards, such as disinfecting manicure tools. In addition to the risk of infection with fungus or green bacteria, non-compliance with basic hygiene rules also carries the risk of permanent damage to health and even death.The risk also applies to all types of viruses, including the current coronavirus pandemic, but the spread can be significantly reduced by taking the recommended precautions.That is important to sterilize nail tools in our life.

How to  Sterilize  Nail Tools Correctly

1.Put the disinfection beads into the disinfection machine

With a bag of glass beads in the inner pot to hold the metal tools being sterilized and to diffuse heat and keep hot, you do not need to put any liquid into the machine.Put the disinfection beads into the disinfection machine, the disinfection beads should not be too much (can not exceed 80% of the inner tank volume)

2.Turn on the power:

When the heating indicator lights up,the sterilizer will start heating (red light indicates power indicator and green light indicates heating)

3.Heating the machine:

Heat from 0 degrees Celsius to 185degrees Celsius, heating takes 10-12 minutes, when the temperature reaches 185degrees Celsius, the tool is inserted vertically into the disinfection beads.Perfect for lashing, waxing metal tools,such as nails nippers and tweezers,salon peelers,eye-brow beauty,facial tools and tattoo needles.

Please remember the following things:

  • After use, immediately pull out the plug and turn off the power.
  • When the machine is connected to the power, the user should pay attention to keep children away from the machine.
  • It can’t be used or stored in bathroom or other damp place.

Nail tool sterilizer is an excellent disinfection device for multi-purpose tools that can be used in beauty salons, barber shops,nail salons, homes and even spas, and guarantees the safety and health of guests and family members. Let your family use it at ease way.

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