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desk clip lamp where to put

What is a good desk light for my Studio or Salon?
An LED desk lamp with a moveable arm and a classic look is alway a good choise for Studio or Salon use. Pinkiou Desk Lamp Clip is a timeless classic, Portable, clamp-ons and LED versions USB Light Lamp Clip well designed for Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Tattoo Studio, Beauty and Manicure Salon.

What is the correct position for where to put?
Above your head and out of your eyes. The lamp source should never be in your direct line of sight. If you have a glass desk surface, be aware of glare from light reflected from the glass and position the lamp head at a 30° angle so you don’t get any glare or hotspots in your field of vision. You definitely need a strongly clip to hold the place where you put it and a flexible mental gooseneck which can be twisted in a number of shapes.

So the best answer for desk clip lamp where to put is

  1. Put it above your head and out of your eyes.
  2. Make sure the light ever be in direct line of your eye.

Here is a video about how people receive the Pinkiou desk lamp and the trial use of it . Take you time to have a look and it may be a good fit for you.

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