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Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoo

A form of cosmetic tattooing, the eyebrow tattoo has been around for thousands of years. For many years, people around the world have been tattooing themselves for beauty purposes. People from Asia, Europe and Africa tattooed themselves so as to increase their beauty and appeal. In Japan, the people would tattoo themselves to decorate their bodies while in the Balkans, they did so for social status.The people of Polynesia, New Zealand and Tahiti tattooed themselves for beauty reasons as well as to identify themselves as members of certain clans, ranks and tribal affiliation. One of the most famous country in the world for cosmetic tattoos is Egypt. The early Egyptians tattooed and adorned their faces and bodies for beauty purposes. They even wore make up and treated the activity as a form of art.
All classes of people in this famous nation engaged in beautification activities. They made use of materials such as kohl, red ochre and malachite to decorate their lips, cheeks and eyes. This was for the purposes of beauty as well as spiritual protection, status and to show fertility. They even had a goddess of beauty and cosmetic art. Her name was Hathor. The Egyptians wore make up so as to praise her and bask in her glory.They used both temporary and permanent make up. The permanent type was tattoos. They are well known to have shaved their eyebrows completely off. Then they would have a tattooist draw them on again according to the desires of the lady getting them drawn. The Egyptian royal princesses and queens were well known for having these types of eyebrows done on them.
The practice was passed down the societies of humankind into the eyebrow tattoos we have today. You can have the eyebrow tattoos in various shapes, colors and sizes. Moreover, the equipment we use today is much safer and the color pigments more vivid.Meaning
The eyebrow tattoos are method of using pigment that is injected into the skin so as to give the illusion of wearing makeup. Also known as interdermal eyebrow micropigmentation cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, this practice is fairly new to many around the world. Some might even find it strange. However, it has the benefit of eliminating the need to do make up every morning. This helps one to save a lot of time when preparing for work or play.Also, it is a great option for people who have thinned out or absent eyebrows. The eyebrow tattoos frame their eyes beautifully just like a real eyebrow would. Eyebrow tattoos like most other tattoos in the world have a meaning. They indicate a new step toward freedom from the hustle and bustle of doing one’s make up on the eyebrows every day. They may also indicate a step toward womanhood for a teenage girl. They may be her first tattoos and it would be fitting since they serve a cosmetic purpose as well.This type of tattoo is not done at just any salon. To enjoy the best results, one should go to a certified, professional tattoo artist. A professional artist will prepare your eyebrows, administer some anesthetic and draw on your new eyebrows. They will also advice you on how to give your new eyebrows the right aftercare. As a result, you will emerge with excellent new eyebrows. It is very important to ensure that you visit a professional tattoo artist.Tattoos are permanent with an eyebrow tattoo machine. Removing them is a costly affair. Thus, you should ensure that you visit an experienced and professional tattoo artist to get your eyebrow tattoo done. The tattoo will fade over time. Thus, you should go back to the artist for a touch up every 6 to 9 months.

Types of eyebrow tattoo

The types of eyebrow tattoo that you can get depends on the technique that is used by the artist.

One type of eyebrow tattoo is the powdery filled tattoo. This is where the artist fills in areas in the eyebrow that already have some hair present. The artist makes use of a soft color that is often darker than the eyebrow hair.
The transparency of the tattoo varies along its length. It can begin very dark and vivid near the middle of the forehead and gradually fade out as it curves outwards to the side of the head. This type of eyebrow tattoo is best for people who simply want to shape or enhance their eyebrows. It is not for those who want to draw on completely new eyebrows.

Another type of eyebrow tattoo is the soft hair stroke tattoo. This is ideal for people who have little or absolutely no eyebrow hair. In this type, the artist draws on some hairline strokes that look exactly like the natural eyebrow hair. They are not drawn as one solid block but as a number of fine individual hair. After drawing these, the artist proceeds to shade them in so as to give the eyebrows some dimension. The result is a natural looking eyebrow that is shaped just as you like it.
The soft hair stroke eyebrow tattoo requires high levels of skill to complete. As such, if you want this type, ensure that you visit a tattoo artist who is skilled and has a superb reputation.

The soft fill eyebrow tattoo is the most vivid type you can get. The artist draws this type using a needle that has a round head on it. They use this needle to draw a line of eyebrow that is completely filled with ink. The result is a vivid and attractive eyebrow tattoo that is clearly observable. This type of eyebrow tattoo is best applicable on people who have eyebrows that have spaces in between them. The soft fill eyebrow tattoo will fill in these gaps effectively.

The soft shading eyebrow tattoo is another type that one can get. In this type of eyebrow tattoo, the artist simply brushes some ink just under the surface of the skin. This type is usually combined with other types such as the hair stroke tattoo so as to give a superb, comprehensive result. Overall, the eyebrow tattoo is a superb way to combine tattooing and cosmetics. It will give you the look that you desire and remain attractive throughout your lifetime.

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