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How To Apply Foundation | Airbrush Makeup

Before beginning do take note to have these items in hand: an airbrush kit consisting of an air compressor, a fine airbrush and makeup.

Here are some basic pointers to keep in mind.

  1. Airbrush method can be done best when it is done by someone else, even though you can do it yourself. This is to avoid any chances of makeup getting into your eyes, which could cause problems. So it’s better to ask someone else to do it for you.
  1. Doing this type of makeup is different from conventional makeup, so read up the manuals or watch CD’s provided by the company for good knowledge of the product and equipment.
  1. Remember unlike traditional makeup, it can be layered without creating any problems. But for this to happen, leave the first layer to dry and reapply when it is dry.
  1. While it’s easy to correct mistakes in traditional makeup, it is a bit of a problem to do the same in airbrush makeup. So use little bits of makeup each time so that you don’t need to over apply. This is very important for blushes and highlights amongst others.
  1. Practice on a piece of paper or anyone else to get an idea as to how you can apply.  You can also otherwise test it on paper beforehand to assess the technique better.
  1. Practice mixing the shades too as these will create the best looks.
  1. The best way to apply airbrush makeup is to apply it from a distance of six inches from the face. Use small bursts of makeup on selected areas for better control. When you have practiced more you can easily do layers and use regular bursts for a quicker finish.
  1. Use circular or forward backward motion for applying the makeup.
  1. There are many types of airbrush makeup like water based, polymer-water based, alcohol based, and silicone based as mentioned above. Choose the best one for your skin type.
  1. Consult a reputed makeup artist for better suggestions.

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