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Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Blade Needles 10-0117

People with no brows at all, people with very sparse brows, people with uneven brows, people with a hole in their eyebrows.  If you put makeup in your eyebrows or like how they look filled in, you’re probably a candidate.Pregnant, nursing, and diabetic clients should all avoid microblading.

Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that is used to fill in the eyebrows. It is semi-permanent and will fade over time. Microblading is supposed to look like tiny, hair-like strokes in order to look more natural than tattooed eyebrows used to look. It can help you look “naturally” more put together and can speed up your makeup routine eliminating the need for filling in your brows daily. It is also referred to as 3D or feather stroke brows.

The tool used has 7 needles on the end. The needles or prongs are dipped into the color pigment, and a manual tool (or machine) is pushed into the skin to deposit the pigment into the epidermis.


Product Reviews For Pinkiou Microblading Pen Eyebrow Tattoo (Gold) 10-0124

Here is one of our client’s review

Her facebook account is @productreviewbyhm

what her positive feedback below:

“I recently received this Pinkiou Microblading tool. I am new to eyebrows and since no one would let me practice on them, I actually tried this out on an orange.

Believe me you will not be disappointed. Check out my video.”

You can check the tool out at here⊃

and via facebook at@productreviewbyhm


How to properly use Pinkiou Eyebrow Ruler? 10-0179

Pinkiou Eyebrow ruler – perfect to find your perfect length eyebrow stencil!

Step 1:Find the goldden mean.
Step 2:Using wider aperture mesure distance between scleras.
Step 3:Place fourth part on divider and mark the beginnings of the eyebrow.
Step 4:Find arcade and stay parallel with ridge.
Step 5:Feel the bone to found a point 4
Step 6:Place the dividers as shown to found point 2.(Divider is flexible)
Step 7:Just flip divider to found point 5
Step 8:Pull skin,while skin is stretched draw the line in the canal of the arch for point6.Now
connect all points.
Step 9:Copy all the point on the left eyebrow.

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♠Pinkiou Eyebrow Ruler Permanent Makeup Stencils Microblading Ratio Measure DIY Stencil For Eyebrows♣


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