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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

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1. With handle design, easy to grab, easy to carry, easy to carry

2. 200cc small capacity, its design is similar to a cup, easy to hold.

3. Detachable and easy to clean.

4. Suitable for all types of hair removal and other therapeutic waxes.

5. Adjustable thermostat control knob to maintain ideal wax consistency.

Size: 135*111*132mm

Weight: 0.965 lbs

Applicable parts: hands, face, legs, armpits, bikini area

15 reviews for Portable Waxing Kit for Women and Men, Mini Wax Melt Warmer for Hair Removal for Bikini Full Body Face Eyebrows Legs Armpit

  1. Sarah Williams

    it was my first time waxing myself, it took me about a couple hours. it was a fun new experience! & it didn¡¯t hurt too bad..thank youuu!

  2. Fred Amponsah

    Omgg I don’t even know where to begin!!I bought this waxing machine since I wanted to start DIY waxing at home instead of shaving, and little did I know that I WAS GOING TO LOVE THIS MACHINE!!! It took me couple tries to get the hang of it but once I did kept using it non-stop! The coolest part is that it’s digital and it came with so many tools that came in handy to use for the price was a win win! I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a reliable, affordable way to wax at home, I don’t regret the purchase! I will be purchasing more wax beads from this seller once I run out ??In the pictures I provided I had used the waxing machine prior to taking this pics so 2 waxing bags are missing but in total it came with 5 waxing bags and everything else described in the selling home page ?? && Btw, I’m using my husbands account lol ??

  3. Joachim Nemorin

    After using this I feel like I am a pro who wants to get waxedIt was easy to use but it dose get very hot

  4. Teresa DeWitt

    The product is good for starters

  5. Teresa DeWitt

    Love this little kit! It comes with everything you could ask for and the value is excellent. Would definitely recommend to anyone. The packaging and personal messages add a nice touch too.

  6. Mary Petrino

    Easy to use and the wax is pretty and smells good. It is easy to control the temperature and it¡¯s pretty cute

  7. Francine Starks

    I like it great beginner kit

  8. Jasmyne Miles

    I was spending so much money getting Brazilians & eyebrow waxes. This wax kit has helped save all that money!The wax melts very well, applies well & it removes completely off your skin. I didn¡¯t have to deal with left over wax residue on my skin. It hardened great & peeled off clean. I love that it comes with wax beads! This is definitely worth the investment! Keep in mind that if it¡¯s your first time waxing yourself, you will have a few trial & errors. Just keep practicing application techniques & you should be perfectly fine.

  9. Georgia Durst

    So I¡¯ve gotten waxed before but don¡¯t live close to any places that offer that anymore so I decided to try it on my own. This kit is great! I wanted a Brazilian and Holy Hell!!! I forgot how much that hurts! But it worked I just wish I had someone else to rip the wax off lol. The only downside (which isn¡¯t really a downside) is once the wax is on it¡¯s not coming off without hair so if you apply it and it¡¯s too painful it might take a while to talk yourself into ripping it off. I had to pray to a higher power for strength, meditate and do breathing exercises just to finish. The entire time I kept thinking who could I call to help but then I thought how awkward would that be haha but the results were totally with it! After I finished that tried my arms and that was WAY less painful but still worked great! I¡¯m going to try my legs next but I have to let the hair grow out first. I¡¯d definitely recommend this!

  10. Karen Day

    Everything looks good I will update my review after using it.

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