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【3-4H Epoxy Resin Curing Mat】When the temperature is adjusted to
the highest, it can reduce the curing time from 12 hours to 3-4
hours, shortening your waiting time and leaves you more creative time.
Great for small projects, does not work with UV resin, works
with regular epoxy.

【Silicone Molds Friendly】Resin heating mat with advanced
thermal cycling program, the temperature will not affect epoxy
quality and creat more bubbles. Make sure your epoxy resin crafts
are created delicately

【Increased Efficiency】We specially equipped a 15.7”x11.8” silicone mat in the resin curing mat kit, put the silicone mat on the resin curing mat to keep warm and prevent the epoxy resin from sticking to the heating mat. The silicone mat is very large and suitable for epoxy molds that are 20mm thick, which can cure multiple coaster molds or a single large-area mold at one time.

【Easy to Use】Resin dryer is very easy to use, it only has temperature change knob. Adjust it to the highest temperature by turning it right to the end, the curing time is the shortest.

【100% Satisfy Guaranteed After Sales Service】Contact us If have any Quality Issues, we guarantee 100% refund or replacement



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