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【3-4H Epoxy Resin Curing Mat】When the temperature is adjusted to
the highest, it can reduce the curing time from 12 hours to 3-4
hours, shortening your waiting time and leaves you more creative time.
Great for small projects, does not work with UV resin, works
with regular epoxy.

【Silicone Molds Friendly】Resin heating mat with advanced
thermal cycling program, the temperature will not affect epoxy
quality and creat more bubbles. Make sure your epoxy resin crafts
are created delicately

【Increased Efficiency】We specially equipped a 15.7”x11.8” silicone mat in the resin curing mat kit, put the silicone mat on the resin curing mat to keep warm and prevent the epoxy resin from sticking to the heating mat. The silicone mat is very large and suitable for epoxy molds that are 20mm thick, which can cure multiple coaster molds or a single large-area mold at one time.

【Easy to Use】Resin dryer is very easy to use, it only has temperature change knob. Adjust it to the highest temperature by turning it right to the end, the curing time is the shortest.

【100% Satisfy Guaranteed After Sales Service】Contact us If have any Quality Issues, we guarantee 100% refund or replacement


33 reviews for Resin Heating Mat, Fast Resin Curing Machine with Silicone Mat, Resin Dryer Quick Curing Machine Resin Supplies for Epoxy Resin Molds

  1. barb

    works great it sets the resin faster then setting over night by itself works great

  2. Kathleen N

    I bought this to dry my resin jewelry faster. I like that it 3 different time settings and shuts off automatically.

  3. ndonn2

    First time I used it I didn¡¯t think mush would happen but the jar I made was cured in 3 hours

  4. stephanie

    Very happy with quality was better then expected worked great to harden resin would buy again

  5. A. Peng

    For casting resin into molds, this thing is amazing!! I could demold my resin pieces in 4-6 hours as advertised. No more waiting 24 hours! I learned the hard way though that this heating pad doesn’t work so well for doming/coating resin pieces. My guess is the heat causes the resin to lose its viscosity (i.e. the resin turns thin and runny), resulting in lots and lots of overspills! I actually ruined many pieces before I learned my lesson. Not the product’s fault at all. Just want to let others know in case they want to use it for doming.

  6. billisherenc

    Great mats and a great price for this product.

  7. rebecca garcia

    So easy to use it¡¯s a time saver.

  8. Heather Ledford

    The worst part of resin pouring is the wait time. I get so excited to see the project but the wait was excruciating. From 12 to 24 hrs down to like 1.5 to 2 hrs is great! Absolutely thrilled with the purchase! Highly recommended IMO

  9. Grace Ramirez

    I use stickers/transparency paper in my resin pieces and if the heat is at max i notice it bubbles/boils the ink and it doesn’t look as clear. I lower the heat w/ the knob by 25% there isn’t any tick marks or anything so you just have to eyeball it and see what works for you and your projects. I also notice if i put it on 2 hr timer and go to use it again, i have to turn the knob all the way down until it clicks to OFF and then turn it back on. Not sure if it’s the same for everyone or just me. But other than that, it works amazing.

  10. Janet W.

    My daughter said it makes her turn-around time quicker and allows her to create on demand.

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