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1. 300W high power, it only takes 6 minutes to boil water. (Dorms are also available)
2. It has the function of heat preservation.
3. Larger capacity: 400ml (Note: when boiling water, water can only be
added to the inner protruding line, about 350ml)
4. Waterproof protection design, the bag will not leak.
5. Double-layer vacuum anti-scalding design.
6. Made of high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel.
7. Separate power cord. Non-slip insulated bottom. It can pour water 360°.
8. Small size, suitable for travel, business trip, class, and carry it with you.
9. Seamless integrated liner, easy to clean the liner.

41 reviews for Portable Electric Kettle Water Boiler, Travel Water Kettle 400ml Portable Water Boiler Kettle Electric 6 Min Boiling with Keep Warm Function, Dry Protection and Separable Power Cord

  1. Syd V

    I recommend this product highly, especially for frequent fliers and flight crew like myself. It heats fast, hot, and makes it easy to select different temperatures so you can have your green AND your herbal teas. It’s also easy to pack! Inside dries out fast, and then I shove the cord inside for easy travel.

  2. Winston, TN

    I love this little kettle. Nice design and gets water scalding hot which I love. I love waking to a really hot cup of coffee or tea in the moring and just before bed having a very hot cup of peppermint or sleepytime tea. Difficult when traveling. The coffee makers in hotel rooms never get the water hot enough for me and I don’t trust the water reservoir to be clean enough. When I order room service the water or coffee is never hot enough for my taste.

  3. Steven Douglas Childs

    Gets the water hot pretty fast. I plug it into a 1000W power inverter. 0 to boil in five minutes flat. Enough hot water for a large cup of coffee or tea.

  4. Pinkiou Customer

    It looks just like an insulated coffee cup. Easy to use. Small enough to store in my desk draw.. I use it at my desk everyday for that 2nd cup of coffee.

  5. JMilwaukee

    I got tired of heating water in the dirty, smelly microwave at work. This was suggested to me through a TickTock video and I was skeptical, but really wanted my midday coffee to stop tasting like yesterdays nuked lunches and took a chance. I was pleasantly surprised. The water in this container is boiling once the cycle is complete. I could say it¡¯s almost too hot! Lol! If there is one, the only con is that I wish it were a little larger capacity-wise. This is a win!

  6. Zurksez

    Worked exactly how I wanted it to.
    Give power, get hot water.

    It was great for the weekend, we took a trip for a festival, came in really handy for late night/ early morning tea
    Heats up pretty quick too so making 2-3 batches of hot water to fill 6 cups of tea only really took about 5 or so minutes

  7. Lou

    It heats water great. I let it almost boil dry, and it didn’t shut off automatically. Convenient size. Nice design.

  8. Josh

    Fast and easy way to boil water, but the only thing I would like to see as a change would be the amount of water you can hold. I like a lot of tea, and this does maybe 3/4 of what I’m used to.

  9. Krys

    I go to anime conventions or all-day conferences often and I do NOT want to spend $15-25 on a single lunch at these events. I bring some instant yakisoba + this thing, and it worked splendidly! A teeeeny bit of water sputter at the top if its at the max fill, but I can boil some water for tea and for my lunch for a fraction of the price of doing take out. It seals up well (though I do not travel with it filled with water I just fill it at a sink when I use it) and doesn’t take up tons of space. It did everything I wanted it to do!

    I had, at first, tried a plastic foldable tea kettle and it was AWFUL. I wanted to love it, but it smelled horrendous and leeched plastic all into the boiling water. This thing is not lying about having a clean stainless steel inside and from the first use was super clean and tasted clean too. Hot, boiled water, ready to go in 5 minutes. I just boil once for my noodles, let them sit while I boil again, and then the tea steeps while I prepare the noodles. In less than 10 minutes with little to no effort I have a fresh and hot meal.

  10. Onefinereader

    I am a bit of a coffee snob. When I travel I always take my coffee pot to brew my own coffee. I don¡¯t like nor trust those coffee units in hotel rooms(even AirBNBs). For my trip to Mexico, I wanted to travel and pack as light as I could so I brought this unit to do daily pour over coffee. It was perfect and created very hot water each time! I highly recommend¡­it packs well and is easy to use!

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