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1. 300W high power, it only takes 6 minutes to boil water. (Dorms are also available)
2. It has the function of heat preservation.
3. Larger capacity: 400ml (Note: when boiling water, water can only be
added to the inner protruding line, about 350ml)
4. Waterproof protection design, the bag will not leak.
5. Double-layer vacuum anti-scalding design.
6. Made of high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel.
7. Separate power cord. Non-slip insulated bottom. It can pour water 360°.
8. Small size, suitable for travel, business trip, class, and carry it with you.
9. Seamless integrated liner, easy to clean the liner.

25 reviews for Portable Electric Kettle Water Boiler, Travel Water Kettle 400ml Portable Water Boiler Kettle Electric 6 Min Boiling with Keep Warm Function, Dry Protection and Separable Power Cord

  1. Onefinereader

    I am a bit of a coffee snob. When I travel I always take my coffee pot to brew my own coffee. I don¡¯t like nor trust those coffee units in hotel rooms(even AirBNBs). For my trip to Mexico, I wanted to travel and pack as light as I could so I brought this unit to do daily pour over coffee. It was perfect and created very hot water each time! I highly recommend¡­it packs well and is easy to use!

  2. Yuying Liu

    Easy to use , convince to bring when I am traving

  3. Jean-Pierre

    I bought this for everyday use at home and on the road. It took a few tries to get the temperature right for my needs, but once past my getting use to this portable water heater it has been a convenience and a breeze to use.

  4. Jennifer Cervantes

    I¡¯m not usually writing review but this product made my travel easy, especially with a baby that’s need warm milk.
    I will definitely recommend this

  5. Otto Orta

    Its a nice product, hold heat very nice, boild water very quick in less than 5 minutes. problem is that even if you fill it below the max line, once the water boils, it splashes out the vent hole making it a bit dangerous and not so usefull to use it where you can get burned or wet. Also i dont know why, but mine dosnt auto shuts off after water boild, it keeps ON and hot so it has to manully be turned off.

  6. nazeroon

    Very convenient

  7. gale taylor

    I bought this for my British boyfriend who travels a lot and HAS to have his Tea. It is fabulous Heats up fast, lightweight , and super easy to clean He won¡¯t travel without it!

  8. RebeccaBrukh

    Works very well and is just what I needed to start my mornings off with some warm water when traveling

  9. Elizabeth K.

    Bought this for my husband along with a travel espresso maker. He says it works very well. There was what looked like corrosion after the first use, but after cleaning the first time it didn¡¯t reappear with subsequent uses.

  10. gadget/bookworm

    I got this because I am a traveling nurse. Loved it I have it 4 stars because it is missing a major thing for me. It needs a car charger and a USB charger. Convenience convenience convenience. I got one for my mom she loved it but asked why it doesn¡¯t have a usb charger as well. She is 72-74. To make it convenient when she goes to doctor¡¯s office or church. Please include these ideas. Otherwise good job.

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