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Product Name: Snail Plant Clips

Product Color: Green,White,Transparent

Product Size: About 1.42*1.42 inches


Kindly Note:

1.Since the size above is measured by hand, the size of the actual item you received could be slight different from the size above.

2.Due to lighting effects, monitor’s brightness/contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.

11 reviews for Plant Clips for Climbing Plants Pinkiou 30 Pcs 3 color Garden Plant Support Clips Orchid Clips Snail Pattern for Crawling Flowers Vine vegetables

  1. Pinkiou Customer

    They¡¯re adorable and work as advertised

  2. Jessica

    I got these because they were so cute. They don’t seem like the sturdiest plastic but they worked great for my pothos vines. I’ve had them up for a few days now and so far they’ve held up. I like the different colors too!

  3. MsFancyPantz

    I have a pothos that I have trained to climb up a moss pole. This plant went from pushing out leaves the size of a playing card to leaves the size of my head with vines that now have grown past the 5′ moss pole I have in the pot. I decided to get these so my pothos can continue to climb up the wall and it’s so cool and fun! They stick quite well and are strong enough to hold vines that are the size of my pinky (that’s how happy my plant is!). These tabs are clear but if you look you can se them as little snails. Super cute.

  4. Makay13


  5. Z. Davisun

    it is very easy to use on the flower stand , either way to take out or put it on

  6. Jessica

    These snail clips are so cute and have been working great at training my climbing plants. They stick easily and the few I have had to unpeel have come across without damaging the surface or leaving a residue.

    I don’t know if “clips” is the right term for them though, they are more like holsters. They wont effectively hold up some types of vines depending on the angle you want them to climb, without leaves to assist.

  7. Camille Olson

    The little snails are so cute and do an awesome job of keeping my plants branches in place on my wall. I really would recommend them.

  8. Sharon S.

    I have snails in an aquarium, so these caught my eye. Fun bit of whimsy, but also functional in training climbing plants. It fun to watch someone notice them amongst the leaves of a plant.

  9. Esmeralda

    These are so cute you put the double sided tape on snail than on trellis and place your climbing plant through antennas That’s what holds the climbing plant how cute. So easy to assemble. Good value comes 30pcs.

  10. Emelina

    I¡¯m so excited because my plants are finally growing. I needed something to hold them up because they are starting to hang and limp over the pot.

    I really like the little snail clips. They come in 3 colors (clear, white, and green). They come with the adhesive but you have to attach them on the back of the snails. I have only used two so far and they are adorable. I like that the snails tentacles can cross over to better hold the plants in place. I am hoping the adhesive lasts for a while and that it doesn¡¯t give me issues not wanting to stick after some time.

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