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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

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Colour: Black
Material: fabric, sponge

Black color makes it high-end and noble.
Loop it around your arm for use, convenient and accessible.
You can wear brush cleaner on your arm during facial makeup.
When the cosmetic brush is colored, skid your brush back and forth on the cleaning band to instantly clean the brush.
Designed for makeup brush dry cleans, cleaning the brush hair more quickly and thoroughly, and the soft materials are gentle to your hands.

Package include:
1*Makeup Brush Color Removal Armband
Wrist Belt Design: Adjustable mesh strips,more portable and easy to use.
Makeup Brushes Color Remove Arm Sponge : More convenient for you when switching from one color to another color.
Functions: You can use it for eye shadows, powder, blush etc,can get off the bulk of the color.
Large-area hairbrush clear band allows you to brush,it’s bigger than the other common brush color remove sponge tools.
Package Included: 1x Makeup Brushes Color Remove Sponge Wrist Belt (The makeup brushes not included).
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22 reviews for Pinkiou Makeup Remover Cleaner Color Switch Armband Cleaner Cleaning Arm Sponge For Makeup Brush Color Dedicated Washing Tool

  1. hind (store manager)

    Finally I found something that help with my makeup.
    I always put my makeup in my arm. Now it’s done.
    I finally found a product where I can put my brushes full of makeup
    Very happy.
    Its easy to use and easy to bring with you everywhere.

  2. Sybil B. Vaughn

    A brush cleaner sponge is a must for your daily makeup brushes! Very economical and useful!

  3. Durand Carson

    Took less that 1 minute to clean 6 brushes, and was amazed at how well this product worked. I never knew that some of my brushes had grey tips on them until washing them with this. Goodbye $20 spray cleaners from Ulta!!!!

  4. Amy Tindall

    I bought this set about 2 years ago after I had bought a set of their brushes (which are awesome too!). I had started noticing that the MAC brush cleaner I had been using for 20 years was not working like usual, then realized they had changed the formulation and decided to try this cleaner. The first few months I was wearing makeup 2-3x a week, and would clean at least 10 brushes a week, but of course when the world shut down, I didn¡¯t wear makeup for about 9 months, but started back at 1x/week then up to 2x week, cleaning about 10 brushes (4 larger/dense or fluffy) every time I wear makeup, and I would say I have only gone through 1/3-1/2 of the tin. Also, when I first got it to also use on my older, really expensive MAC brushes I thought I was going to have to throw out, using this cleaner on them totally reconditioned them and they looked new again! I have used it on cheap brushes, and it improves them from out of the package. Using the silicone brush cleaning pad is really useful too, and at first I didn¡¯t think I would use the tin with the color removing pad, but have found it useful for switching between darker eyeshadow colors to lighter colors with the same brush. They offer a 30-day tryout period, so I highly recommend you try it out, and if you don¡¯t like it, send it back¡­which you can¡¯t do with a lot of other products like this.

  5. Evelia Osuna

    I like how it cleans so well and easily! Will buy again.

  6. Terri Goff

    Easy to use and I liked it so much I bought two more for my best friends. We all like colorful eyeshadows and I have some brushes that were white when I got them then obviously were stained. It actually made most of my brushes white again with the exception of one but I’ve had that one the longest. It still got most of it out. There isn’t a scent which I like as well.

  7. Cathy Velez

    I was so disappointed after reading all of the positive reviews for this product! It didn¡¯t clean ANYTHING! No makeup came off of the brush! I almost ruined a brush because it left some greasy gross stuff on it. Had to use dawn dish-soap to get it off.

  8. june packer

    Let me tell you, I have repurchased this item several times. It will have your makeup sponges looking new and your brushes…forget about it! It is hands down the best cleaner. It works super good and leaves your makeup tools looking brand new. I have the makeup mats and other cleaners but it always comes down to this here. Had I known how well it worked, I would have never wasted my money on any of those other items. This here is all you will need. I keep looking at the sponges I just washed in amazement. You will not be disappointed!

  9. Morgan Jappe

    Works great

  10. Virginia Fortino

    The price and video reviews were highly appreciated when debating purchasing this system. The soap bar lasts a while, and has a very mild but pleasant scent. The first run through of the system gets most of the makeup out of the brush. I ran all my brushes through the system twice, because the second time produced a foamy, conditioning lather. The only brushes i needed to run more than twice were my liquid foundation, but this system got the makeup out faster than any other system I¡¯ve tried. Once dried, the brushes are soft and like new again! I laid the system out to dry with my brushes before putting the container back together to reduce chances of mold or rust, and it dried fairly quickly! The eyeshadow color switch sponge works incredibly! Even better than the name brand color switched you find at Sephora! Absolutely best value and quality for the price!

  11. Zenaida Christian

    Limpio las brochas de forma s¨²per f¨¢cil.

  12. James Burdette

    Dramatically has improved the health of my skin and the life of my makeup brushes! Just buy it!

  13. Jonathan Amburn

    Great price for the product.

  14. Judy Andrews

    No es limpiador de brochas,no es jabon ,es wax,cera.No cumple las exigencias para lo que fue comprado.

  15. Gwendolyn Tyler

    Amazon packaged this with a larger order I made and it came crushed. Didn¡¯t even get to use it, but it looks like a nice product.

  16. Laura Hewett

    I love the brush cleaner it is easy to use and works better than expected

  17. Matthew Gisore

    It works very well

  18. Sherry Miller

    A hard pass. Does not effectively clean beauty blender compared to other cleaners on the market.

  19. Amber Benedum

    It¡¯s a very nice product.

  20. Andrea Swinfard

    This product is wonderful and I wish I bought sooner. Cleans brushes nicely and easily.

  21. thad norman

    It¡¯s really good for the money but has anybody knows clean and make up brushes and sponges are the pain in the ass but I highly recommend that you do at least once a week I¡¯ve heard that I¡¯ve heard like people on YouTube go right now we all know you don¡¯t do it once a week or honey I do I clean my brushes once a week and this works just fine

  22. Wanda Slagle

    After using this soap I liked it better 2nd try. It helps remove the makeup from deep in the brush

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