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Pinkiou Eyeliner Pencil Pen with Eye Makeup Stamp Waterproof Double Sided Long Lasting Seal 4 in1
Pinkiou 1x Eye Makeup Stamp Eyeliner Pencil Set Waterproof Double Head with Body Face Painting Stamp


Color: black

Model: Star/Heart/Plum/Moon/4 in 1


2 in 1 Double-headed Liquid Eyeliner Pen Stamp Super Slim Gel Felt Tip High Pigment Cosmetic Tool


  • Anti-allergic lasting not blooming, waterproof sweat-proof and oil-control;
  • Silk + Microfiber + vitamin E nourishing ingredients, makeup lasting all day;
  • New Silk formula, elastic fine 0.01 mm nib design;
  • Elastic nib design, not easy bifurcated, showing soft and smooth eye lines;
  • A leading international refill technology, unique water storage flowing features;
  • It is full and smooth, rich brilliant black eyeliner.
Double-headed Eyeliner Pen Stamp Black Waterproof Tearproof Long Lasting Painting Makeup Tool

How to Use:

1. Using the stamp to the corner of eyes.

2. Apply waterproof eyeliner pen of one end to top lash line.

3. Correctly create the perfect eyes in seconds.

4. Allow to dry before blinking.

double side eyeliner pens
  • Double Head: One head is the eyeliner pen, the other head is the eye makeup stamp.
  • Seal and Waterproof: Quick-drying, do not faint,easy outline perfect eyeliner and long last.
  • Eyeliner with stamp 2 in 1 design, easily create a perfect eye makeup, drawing eyeliner simply and save time.

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96 reviews for Pinkiou Eyeliner Pencil Pen with Eye Makeup Stamp Waterproof Double Sided Long Lasting Seal Eyeliner (4in1)

  1. Rachael Wargo

    I was gonna order my daughter��s the milk makeup brand ones of the stampers…but they are $12.00 a stamp….I found these ones and so much cheaper and you get 4 of these in different shapes and the other end is a eyeliner. I would definitely say these are a Milk makeup dupe for sure. They work so well and very pigment. I put the star one on my 5 year old and gave her the ��Kat Von D�� face tattoos. Hehe the stamps come off easy from your skin without irritation. These are so much fun!!!! I gave my 5 year old daughter the stamps and she put hearts, stars, and moons on her hands and loved them!! They come right off with just mild soap and water. You don��t have to rub them off….so totally kid safe. I��ll definitely order these again 🙂

  2. BeautyInMonolids

    These are super cute! To add a bit more fun or flare to your makeup look! I wish they came in other colors but these are easy to use and work just as described! I enjoy using these from time to time!

  3. Anna

    One step closer to becoming the perfect E-girl

  4. Glamlifeofamom

    These eyeliner pens far surpassed all of my expectations. They arrived quickly and exactly as described. Upon opening them and testing the first spam I found it to be blacker an crisper than I could have hoped for. These are well worth the money!

  5. Brittany Lohman

    Got these for my eyeliner addict best friend for her birthday. I��ve never heard her squeal as much as she did at that moment. She loved them, and immediately went to put on the heart one on. It lasted through bar crawling, and drunk crying

  6. Wuddlebutt

    Easier than trying to draw designs on by hand

  7. Robin

    Very cool! Works great

  8. boop

    I think this works as a great eyeliner and stamp! For me, the pin tip, it was quite pigmented and showed up on my skin. It allowed for very fine control on my eyes, which I appreciated! The stamp end worked well too, but sometimes wouldn’t completely transfer over the shape.

  9. Jenni M.

    Review after using this for about a year (this is my second purchase) these liners are fantastic they last forever with daily use the line is smooth and doesn��t feather out on my ��older�� eyelid wrinkles. The stamp is fun but I don��t use it that often I get this for the regular liner side.

  10. Kailey F

    These are a STEAL for the price. I got the 4 pack and I am so inlove. They are incredibly easy to use. Their quality is good way above what I expected.

  11. Mariah

    I love these! Will use them all the time, will buy more in the future.

  12. Emi

    I ordered the 4 stamps for $12, all are adorable. moon looks a bit more like a parenthesis than a moon, the eyeliner is decent.

  13. Jamaica Pittman

    These were great ! Doesn��t come off easy ! Cute and neat !


    Brush side smooth and you can do a pin thin line or a thick solid line. Stamp has clean lines too. Just not waterproof and i wouldn’t suggest it for a warm or sweaty activity

  15. Wendy

    works as advertised, cute stamps for your face!

  16. Joshua Satterfield

    Bought these for my wife who normally uses mainly high-end makeup and she couldn’t believe that 1) They actually work amazingly 2) How affordable they were especially for FOUR. 3) That the stamp side and liner side has an amazing amount of product, are easy to use and work exactly how they stay they do! Will be buying more when she needs them… And her friends have fallen for them too and made purchases themselves! Oh and she said they last like good drug store and even high-end eyeliners would and don’t smudge once dry!(The pics are of all 4 stamps and she drew a few lines to show you how thin or thick you can make your line)

  17. sakura (store manager)

    i got it originally as a joke for me and my girlfriend to be egirls, but i ended up actually loving it! today was my birthday and we ended up putting it on one of my male friends and he loved it. it was a great product and i would buy again xoxo

  18. Torie Mae (store manager)

    Super cute! comparable to the Milk Makeup star stamp, Good amount of pigment, goes on easy, comes off easily. Really good dupe for the milk makeup star stamp!

  19. Heather

    Works great! I bought for my daughter and now I use them too. Stays on almost ALL day and night.

  20. HippieGalaxyWitch

    Better than paying $12 for a milk product that is the same cost for one pen. This one has a bonus of a liquid eye pencils. I recieved all four in perfect condition, they all worked very dark and last a long time literally water proof. Such cute designs. Again you don’t need to pay high end for one piece of product when these are 2 in one and you receive 4 of these deals. I am shocked I didn’t expect such a great deal. I am definitely buying again.Hopefully Halloween ones gets made, pumpkin, Frankenstein scar, some spiders, boos, a lot of halloween stuff.

  21. B.Pistorius

    This eyeliner is easy to use and stays on great. The stamp on the other end is a great add on. Overall I’m pleased with this product.

  22. Chia

    Great bang for your buck and it stayed on. Its not waterproof but it’s not bad.

  23. Paige A Anderson

    Perfect for adding that fun detail to your make up. lOve these

  24. frances chavarria

    Product as described

  25. Amazon Customer

    Everytime I use these I am asked where I got them. They are a great way to add some fun to your look and very easy to use! The pigment stays put until I remove it with a makeup wipe too.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Really great! It’s nice and dark black.

  27. Kathryn Farr

    i love the stamps so much! i get compliments all the time and i recommended this to my friends! the quality is great, its stays on for a long time, doesn’t smudge and is not irritating.

  28. Tea Anna McDowell

    Sucks, doesn��t work at all dried out as soon as I got it

  29. Steven Welch

    Full of ink and stamps a perfect shape

  30. Venitha Mao

    I’m happy I bought these it makes putting on make up that much more fun! The eyeliner works amazing and it stays on for awhile! For the price you pay totally worth it!

  31. Taylor stuart

    The media could not be loaded. ?Wow. This stuff is no joke.

  32. Shay

    Easy to use & Washes off easy.They are so cute.

  33. Annabelle Marshall

    love these. i use them all the time and get countless compliments

  34. Kaela

    So cute! Really loved this

  35. xXpiercethesirensXx

    This eyeliner is really good, it looks super cute, however the thing is on my left eye the corner where my eyelashes and wing start feels swollen!!! I am not entirely sure as to why that is, because I don’t even have sensitive skin at all whatsoever. I guess this might be my first allergic reaction ever??Other than that, it looks so cute. It isn’t the easiest to use because I am much more used to elf eyeliner products. However I believe once you get the hang of putting it on with some practice, it’ll work.The quality of how black this eyeliner is really good, it’s true to the fact it is waterproof as well.Also please don’t mind my username, I had this username from when I was a scenequeen in high school.

  36. Pam Markland

    I have always had trouble with winged liner and this definitely helps you. Also the fact that it’s smudge proof is great for I live in hot weather so it last all day. So far I’ve only use one of the three and still has a lot of product left in it. Totally worth your money!

  37. julia

    application is super easy and super black liquid!!! the stamps are super cute and stay on well for the day!

  38. Girl

    Ugh so cute!!! Adds a little extra to your look. I love it.

  39. Krista

    This is so easy!!! I just tested first on my hand (I had previously bought another brand that was dried out so I was nervous) and it was perfect straight out of the box! I tried to smudge it (you know dancing and things on nights out) and it didn��t streak at all! Good thing I got a 3 pack because my friends want some!!��

  40. Lexus Marie

    YES! These are amazing ? forget what you think you know from the negative reviews because these are IT! LUV

  41. Miriania

    I get so many compliments on these. They last all day long on my face. It does smudge with the slightest touch. But a setting spray will fix that. I have had these for over 6 months now and the pens have not dried up

  42. Savanah Sexton

    I absolutely love these! The stamps work wonderfully if you are privy on how to apply. They’re fun and add a cool element to any otherwise “normal” makeup look. Lol. I really enjoy the variety and hope they come out with more! I’d love to see a set of zodiac signs (like the milk makeup ones!)

  43. PJ.

    Gorgeous eyeliner stamps very easy to place for star or moon cat eye wing.

  44. Amber DeFord

    Easy to use, lasted all day, easy to get off and doesn’t stain. Fun for the whole family, including good sport Dad!

  45. frenchfrymonkey

    The little stamps are the cutest! My favorite is the moon and heart of course. The added pointed tip for eyeliner on each one is super useful and works great. I mean markers will eventually run dry but of course.

  46. chris

    I bought these because with masks covering your whole face there is no need for makeup but the little added hearts, stars, moons add some personality.

  47. William

    but when I tried these I had to rush on here to review about how much I genuinely like them. I got the four-pack. The pigment is great, the application is easy and theres no smudging. I love these so much!!!

  48. natasha edmonds

    I use this stamp to cover moles I have on my face.

  49. Lee Marso

    I am pleasantly surprised at how long-lasting the eyeliner is. The moment it dries, it takes a makeup remover product or washing your face in order to fall off; it does not smudge after dry and it’s pretty gentle on my skin (very dry skin, but very prone to breakouts when any product is too heavy). I highly recommend buying these.

  50. charles i. ditto

    I ordered these for my 12 year old for Christmas 2019. She loves them and uses them often. Easy to use. Precise shapes. Fashionable. Instantly envied by all of her little tween friends. I feel that it��s important to note that my daughter has extremely sensitive skin and she suffered zero reactions. Highly recommend!

  51. Rachel M.

    I didn’t think this eyeliner would stay as long as big brands, but damn!!! I used the shape stamps on my hand as a quick test and my cream makeup remover had some difficulty getting it off! The color is perfectly black and the duo tip is great. Glides easy and stays on.

  52. Kristina

    I adore this set! It��s a nice way to cheaply tattoo some details somewhere on yourself and look a bit different. Looks pretty darn good too. They should definitely make a bit bigger stamps and more prints someday! How great! ???

  53. Justin Martin

    Really good and water proof but hard to remove

  54. Camille

    These things are AWESOME! They will stay all day and they��re so easy to use.

  55. JaLippert

    Actually worked better than I thought. Don’t press too hard or you get a circle outside / around the design. Lasted all day. Easily came off with a baby wipe.

  56. Sarah

    Absolutely amazing the quality is phenomenal. It is extremely resistant against water and smudging and stays on until you wipe it off with makeup remover. The stamps also stamp the exact design no problem. I love them.

  57. Rachel

    Was exactly what I ordered. Works Great

  58. Julia Goolia

    The stamps are absolutely great! I love them!! I would just maker sure to shake them before use. I don’t really care for the pen side of the eyeliner , it is a little tough to use because on that side it seems drier than the other. I had to press down hard to get a solid line. so i prefer to use the eyeliner I already had to do actual eyeliner. But the stamps are so cute and I am so glad this pack comes with all 4 designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. C. Hinman

    Love these stamps! Fun and easy. Won��t just wipe off with a brush of the hand but come off with a little soap!

  60. Nayru

    I love that it has the stamp tool. I just wish it weren��t so ��glossy�� looking when applied. However, great product!

  61. Sarah

    Very cute. They stay longer than I thought.

  62. Amazon Customer

    Easy to apply. Stamps are cute and fun. Would highly recommend.

  63. Rebecca Iglehart

    Cool product!

  64. AshleyUT

    This is waterproof so its not ��easy to remove�� you will need to work fast. I found this product was great to work with. The felt tip looks large but it can still make a very fine line.

  65. Rose

    Love it use it everytime I wear makeup make sure u stamp twice to get a good ink stain

  66. Nicholas A. Armitage

    These designs are all so cute

  67. George Weidner

    Purchased for a Christmas gift sister loved them and said it was smug proof and stayed intact after rubbing with water.

  68. Liesl

    SO GOOD FOR THE PRICE. I��ve had these for a few months now and none of them have dried up. the stamps are so cute and the other side is great for winged eyeliner.

  69. Renee Jefcoat

    So cute! Bought for my 12 year old daughter since she’s obsessed with eyeliner and I wanted to make her makeup more age appropriate! This was perfect!

  70. Lani Molinares

    Very smooth and wet line dries fast too

  71. lizziedawn

    I was looking for a good non smudging liquid eye liner pen, after I could no longer find my regular brand. My requirements for an eye liner are that it can’t smudge/smear, has to go on easily, felt tip won’t dry out after 3 days use, waterproof, and easy to clean off at the end of the day. I was so excited that this hit all of my requirements and didn’t cost an arm and a leg! I’ll be making this my daily go to eyeliner from now on!

  72. Sugary Sweet

    I definitely recommend this product, it��s so cute on. It is waterproof but not hard to get off. The eyeliner is great as well! Win win

  73. Hope H.

    I��m not a big fan on the actual eyeliner side, but I bought them for the stamps and they are PERFECT. They don��t rub off, they don��t smudge, they��re water resistant, and came off super easy with micellar water. I even put one on my hand just for fun and by the end of the night it had barely budged after washing my hands repeatedly. Super quality product!

  74. Faye

    I was worried the little stamps would just look like blobs but the shapes are clean and the pens don��t dry up.

  75. JO

    Very, Very water resistant!! Can create straight lines and no smudging! Prepare to have this product on for awhile or some very good makeup remover because it doesn’t come off easily.

  76. Lavender blue

    Super cute. Easy to remove.

  77. Michelle Guenard

    This eyeliner works really well if you know how to apply it properly, it takes a few practice swatches and the stamp absolutely, incredibly comes in handy when you��re in a rush and just gotta wing it 🙂

  78. safii00

    Lovely ? it take just one day to arrive i love it, se remueve r��pido pero es muy bonito

  79. Jacqueline C

    Cute little stamps and great working liner,

  80. Chenille Rivera

    It’s easy to use! All the eyeliner tips are solid and mark well, can last an entire day but will come off if rubbed or slept in. The stamps are a good size, they were a gift to my younger sister and she likes them.

  81. Prachita Uprety

    Looks better than on picture. I love that its a stamp and eyeliner on the other side. Would recommend.

  82. Annalisa Karlinsey

    Honestly this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Its so easy to use and im able to apply eyeliner really quickly and effortlessly. It’s long lasting, and will stay vibrant all day. 10/10 highly recommend

  83. Madeline Krajecki

    Pretty water and wear resistant. Easy to apply, once it dries it doesn’t smudge which I was surprised I’m usually very picky with my eye liner.

  84. Pogchamp

    They aren’t waterproof, will smear, and bled a little when I tried it out on my hand. But the stamps work great and the liner end is pretty good. Wouldn’t recommend to people who care about brands or high quality, would recommend to those who just like to wear makeup for fun and don’t mind a cheap eyeliner

  85. Sarah

    We used it as the eyeliner and face stamps , we would like the stamps to be bigger, but they work great.

  86. Brice Brubaker

    Easy to use, looks pretty good, but it will come off with sweating or oily skin.

  87. Mai Yang

    The stars are favorite cause it had the most coverage compared to the others. The others are a little patchy, but that’s okay since you can just filled in any patchy spots with the actual eyeliner. Not my favorite eyeliner but it gets the job done. Also, I’d say that it’s very much water resistant, but not waterproof. It’s also pretty easy to remove with makeup wipes. Great product for the price!

  88. CAT

    The media could not be loaded. ?I like it and love it but I wish it was waterproof and easy to wash off in the water with soap. Doesn’t smell to bad smell and shapes are accurate, the product is made or from China. ONLY COMES WITH ONE IN A SMALL BOX. Would I buy this again? Maybe.

  89. Daniela

    I got this a few days ago and I tried out the stamps and it��s a lot of fun to use. I didn��t wash it off right away from my Hand since I assumed it��ll come off in the shower. But it has been three days and as you can see it��s still there. It does come off easily with make up remover and doesn��t smudge around your eyes while cleaning it off. I highly recommend this product.

  90. Lavender Lust

    well ? I took pics but Amazon won’t let me upload them. anyway. I decided to try the stamps on my wrist right out of the package. no primer, no setting spray. 7 hours of hard work later I had to use my Neutrogena eye makeup remover to clean it off bc it had held up that entire time, only minimal cracking but no smudging. I’m looking forward to using them on my face!

  91. bpwca


  92. Ashlynn

    Once it goes on, it doesn��t wanna come off! It��s waterproof and smearproof. It��s so easy to use. I love using the heart one the most.

  93. Chilli sauce

    I got all the liners in perfect condition but the heart eyeliner would just not work. It looks extremely dry even tho the other thank works fine… :(UPDATEE!!! I got in touch with customer service and they were super helpful. They immediately sent me heart liner and few others even tho I told them I only require one. Appreciate the timely response and helpful solution

  94. Andrea

    I am truly amazed at how these liners can be both extremely long lasting, smudge proof, and water resistant all while being easy to remove! I work at Sephora so I am always creative with my eye looks. I was using the flower stamp for the first time and I placed the second stamp on the opposite eye a little higher up than the other. I was freaking out because I had already done my eyeshadow underneath and I was worried that either the liner would smudge terribly when I attempt to take it off or that it wouldn’t come off at all and I would be left with terrible makeup. I literally grabbed a q tip and gently applied pressure and rubbed and it came off like an eraser! No smudge or messiness. I then easily fixed the eyeshadow but I was really shocked at how good the stamps were.

  95. Amazon Customer

    These are amazing, I was worried after reading the reviews but I have to tell you, these are super cute and we absolutely love them! Super good bargain and great product!

  96. Elizabeth S Seibert

    These actually last over 24 hrs which some of my fancy eyeliners don’t do!! They don’t feather, the marker tips stay nice, crisp lines, the stamp side shapes are hella cute, and they don’t transfer to my upper eyelid!

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