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Pinkiou Eyeliner Pencil Pen with Eye Makeup Stamp Waterproof Double Sided Long Lasting Seal 4 in1
Pinkiou 1x Eye Makeup Stamp Eyeliner Pencil Set Waterproof Double Head with Body Face Painting Stamp


Color: black

Model: Star/Heart/Plum/Moon/4 in 1


2 in 1 Double-headed Liquid Eyeliner Pen Stamp Super Slim Gel Felt Tip High Pigment Cosmetic Tool


  • Anti-allergic lasting not blooming, waterproof sweat-proof and oil-control;
  • Silk + Microfiber + vitamin E nourishing ingredients, makeup lasting all day;
  • New Silk formula, elastic fine 0.01 mm nib design;
  • Elastic nib design, not easy bifurcated, showing soft and smooth eye lines;
  • A leading international refill technology, unique water storage flowing features;
  • It is full and smooth, rich brilliant black eyeliner.
Double-headed Eyeliner Pen Stamp Black Waterproof Tearproof Long Lasting Painting Makeup Tool

Eyeliner Pencil Pen How to Use:

1. Using the stamp to the corner of eyes.

2. Apply waterproof eyeliner pencil pen of one end to top lash line.

3. Correctly create the perfect eyes in seconds.

4. Allow to dry before blinking.

double side eyeliner pens
  • Double Head: One head is the eyeliner pencil pen, the other head is the eye makeup stamp.
  • Seal and Waterproof: Quick-drying, do not faint,easy outline perfect eyeliner and long last.
  • Eyeliner with stamp 2 in 1 design, easily create a perfect eye makeup, drawing eyeliner simply and save time.

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14 reviews for Pinkiou Eyeliner Pencil Pen with Eye Makeup Stamp Waterproof Double Sided Long Lasting Seal Eyeliner (4in1) (Copy)

  1. Nicholas Burnett

    Great prroduct

  2. Maribel Andrade

    Los amo

  3. Glen Ashmore

    Will buy every time I run out!

  4. india fuentes

    Application Struggle

  5. Randy Guerrero

    Cant wait to buy more

  6. Mariam Avakian

    fun black eyeliner

  7. Mandy Hopson

    A mi solo uno me yego y son 4

  8. Mariam Avakian

    great 🙂

  9. jerry campbell

    Cute and so fun!

  10. Michelle Robinson

    My 13 year old daughter loved these!

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