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Pinkiou- A Airbrush Makeup Permanent Microblading Brow Brand

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The new electric nail art drill machine is perfectly used in spas, professional use, beauty parlors as well as personal use in home.

The ultimate nail machine allows the technician flexibility and can get the job done in much less time and in a much more efficient manner.

Safety rules:

Always unplug the tool when you change accessory.

Do not use near or place in water. If motor falls into water, unplug immediately. do not reach into water.

Do not touch the bit after use. The bit is too hot to be touched by bare hands.

Keep dust out of eyes and lungs by using protective eye wear or a dust mask.

Always unplug it after use.

When the machine is not in use, all tool must be stored in a dry location abd keep out of children.


Easy to use speed controller.

Positive and negative direction control switch.

Machine working smoothly with small noise.

Daily beauty care.

For manicure and foot treatment.

Using these devices, you can easily grind your hands and feet, making it perfect and elegant.


Input voltage: 110V AC

Output voltage: 0-17V DC

Maximum power consumption: 10W-12W

Output current: 1000mA

Size: 130mm x 85mm x 60mm

Weight: 600g

Handle / working voltage: DC1-17V

Handle speed: Up to 20,000 rpm

Package Included:

1x Electric Nail Drill Machine

1x Handle

1x Bracket

6x Metal Grinding Heads

6x Emery Cloth Grinding Heads

1x Manual

13 reviews for Pinkiou Electric Nail Drill Kit Professional Manicure Pen Shape Machine Pedicure File Nail Art Set(01-0091, Gray)

  1. Sunshine Jenkins

    I originally bought this as a gift, but, I needed to use it. So, I tried it out. It¡¯s AWESOME!!!! It¡¯s easy to use and didn¡¯t mess with my arthritis in my hand. LOVE that. It¡¯s not to heavy.

  2. Rose Miles

    I tested it to make sure it wasn’t damaged as the box was completely broken and in pieces when it arrived. It works great and is really easy to figure out which is good because the instructions are just a mess. A few issue I had was the peddle didn’t work at all which is a bit irritating because you have to turn it off and on often. The metal drill bits wear down and go completely bald after half a set so you’ll have to buy better bits. I do appreciate that cheap little stand it comes it. It would’ve been better if it was attached, but I’m happy with it.

  3. Loretta Rivera

    Stopped working after a month and i used it only 4 times during that month , i tried to reach out to the seller but the refused to honor their lifetime warranty because they stated they were unable to find my order even after i screenshot the order information directly from Amazon and sent it to them

  4. Oluwatoyin Ukinamemen

    Works amazing! I highly recommend

  5. Eden Dodds

    Many years ago I purchased a very similar machine for more than $150. This works great, and came with 2 sets of bits. The only thing, I will be careful with the handheld tool and its cable. It has a lot of potential for braking on the inside just like a phone charger cable. I only say this because that’s what happened to my previous machine. All in all for the price you can’t go wrong.

  6. Jim Cino

    Fast shipping and great quality

  7. Michael Rogers

    It worked well for a month I used it twice. And now it’s not doing anything.. irritating since Im just a few days outside the return window.

  8. Nancy Francis

    I am using just at home for my mani+pedi. Works amazing. I am happy with this drill. It has the power and speed

  9. Nancy Francis

    Purchased this and it was used one time in 7 months. Their page says 12 month warranty and email them but yet you can¡¯t send them a message and it as my return/refund period has ended.. If this has a 12 month warranty then why can¡¯t I get a hold of someone.. something shouldn¡¯t last one time and then break..

  10. Hemely Henriquez

    This was my first time buying this product and I¡¯m so happy I did! It¡¯s so easy to use especially for a beginner like me.

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