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What is Airbrush Makeup?


If you know nothing about airbrush makeup and need a place to start,Here Pinkiou team’s article should be the first place you need read.

Airbrush makeup was introduced to the consumer market around 30 years ago by dinair, It has been used for decades in film and fashion circles and . Originally body paint was used as the base makeup but modern airbrush makeup is extremely high quality and is comprised of fine pigments and is either water or silicone based.

pinkiou airbrush makeup kits

The makeup and the tools of airbrushing are fundamentally very different from traditional makeup and this is reflected in the results you can achieve. The most common terms associated with airbrush makeup are ‘flawless’, ‘High Definition’, ‘glowing’, ‘natural’, ‘youthful’. It’s no wonder that celebrity makeup artists use it all the time as do almost all makeup artists in the fashion industry.


How does airbrush makeup work?
Airbrush makeup kits are basically comprised of a compressor and an airbrush gun. The compressor supplies air to the airbrush with varying pressure (PSI) and the air mixes with makeup to produce a fine mist which dries as it hits the skin. The reason airbrush makeup has such flawless coverage is that the ‘micro-beads’ fall into blemishes evenly but without caking and building up like traditional makeup. For more detailed information about the application of airbrush makeup, visit our how to section.

Air Brush makeup kit

Using airbrush makeup kit:
The uses of airbrush makeup are practically endless–it’s really up to your imagination. Many people are happy just doing their foundation, blush, contouring and highlighting but it is also used for amazing costume effects both professional and amateur. Other uses of airbrush makeup include covering blemishes, creating stencil effects or temporary tattoos, tanning, nails and you can even put it in your hair.

Airbrushing technique:
The most common technique used in airbrushing is a circular, continuous movement. This prevents the makeup from building up in any one particular area. The best advice I can give you is to always watch the effect you create, not the actual makeup. Trust your eye to be the best judge on when you have produced the perfect coverage.

The airbrush gun:

Pinkiou airbrush gun

The airbrush gun is the part where makeup comes out of the machine and is applied to your skin. Most airbrushes are gravity fed through a cup which sits on top of or on the side of the airbrush gun. Some are bottom fed. The best airbrushes have a large cup which gives you a bit of leeway with the amount of wrist movement you can use without spilling. The Pinkiou Airbrush makeup system is unique in that it uses a ‘pod’ system–that is, enclosed pods of makeup which can be easily inserted or removed from the system with minimal mess. This does make mixing makeup more difficult though, which is why many makeup artists prefer the simplicity of the original cup system.

The compressor:
Consumer airbrush compressors are much smaller than professional and artists ones. However, this is fine since you do not need a large airflow for airbrush makeup work. Look for compressors which have a variable PSI from 0 to around 15 or 20. Low PSI is good for fine detail (like eyes) whereas higher PSI is preferable for body work. I much prefer the compressors which are low noise (or, ‘whisper quiet’)

Hopefully they’ll be helpful for you,For more nice airbrush makeup kits infos,welcome view at pinkiou site anytime!

One thought on “What is Airbrush Makeup?

  1. I bought the airbrush to use when doing disaster makeup: Moulage. Is there anyone who has used this airbrush for that and found tips I should know? I’m an EMS instructor and use moulage in my classes as well as for other events. I still use the traditional application of sponges and brushes with appliques and such.

    gigi@aaert.net is my direct email if you choose to reply!

    Thanks in advance.

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