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master airbrush
master airbrush

We’re out here hey focus we’re gonna do three simple exercises to get you. Airbrushing like zorro, if he used the airbrush kit instead of a sword, so for this demonstration, we’re gonna use alcohol because that’s what most of you guys use so we’re gonna use alcohol ink and alcohol spray just to clean out your brush and whatever and if you feel like it’s not spraying right, you could put a little alcohol in it, then it a little bit, so let’s get started with exercises, so I have an aluminum board, nice.Piece of aluminum I got a bunch of these off of ebay you practice on a piece of paper or whatever piece of paper is gonna absorb, and this will be more like a cup okay exercise numero uno oil, just the simple down four airbrush kit back for paint, that’s gonna leave a dot.So what we’re gonna do for this exercise, we’re gonna make dots and each time we’re going to try to get smaller. And smaller.And smaller.Control.So each time you’re making the dots smaller you’re gonna get closer closer and your triggers gonna be pull back less and less for each time, so back here. Big trigger here.Very close.

Oh, look at that little dot, look how tiny that is little tiny bits and one thing about alcohol ink I will tell you guys this, this is the reason why I like automotive better for detail work, this is not the cleanest neither is I mean you can get this stuff to be spray pretty smooth and clean, but it’s harder, so if I had to say detail work in order of ease of use of how it flows and look let me show you what I mean is you see this little specialty pattern, the automotive is so much easier to get that nice and smooth gradual but you can take and pull rubbing alcohol in there to thin it out some but you gotta be careful if you don’t make it too runny and you pull back into so get your sheet get your board whatever you feel like practicing on and just fill it up with bunches of dots big dolittle to dig a little to whatever after you’ve done that we’re going to do some airbrush kit.Target practice the way you’re gonna do this is you’re gonna take and you’re gonna.Make some dots to make them.All the same.And.Equal. Apart.Make a bunch.This.Eyes.Called whoops messed that one up.Target practice.It’s trippy after looking at for a minute.Got a lawful now it’s not gonna be perfect, that’s why you practice, so now that you’ve got some dots, some dodge going on you’d try to get faster if you want to.Try to be more accurate on your pullbacks.

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See how much better that looked you know just practice you get a rhythm you’re trying to figure out how this stuff is hot flows and how it works for you, its hand to eye to trigger coordination, you know you wanna I mean you could even make a circle.In a circle in it.And a circle in it. And a dot so as the second part of this target practice, we’re gonna take and connect the dots just do.One at a time.Go up, go down.Make little boxes.So what you’re doing is you’re going and when you hit to the spots turn on the air, I mean turn on the faint. If it gets to where it’s hard to blow your gonna need like pointed away and blow it out, pull this out blow it out real good, take it and clean off your tip.Remember the last video all those tips.You don’t have to get clothes for it, you can do big dots.And then connect them.Diagonal.This way this way.Let’s put it out there.Practice just target practice, just like if you’re shooting a gun and you wanna get good at your aim.It’s the same thing there fill up a whole page of that or a hundred pages depend on how good you want to get the next thing I want to show you is the same as this but we’re gonna do parallel.Vas.So you always start moving before you pull back from paint, so if you want to start moving there go back this way.You can go in between the other lines.So what you’re doing is you’re using you’re not using this, I mean you can but you’re using your whole arm, your whole body.Practice laws, you get some live this way go up and down up.Down up down up down up down more, more paint farther away.

airbrush tattoo
airbrush tattoo

Shadow see there you just figured out how to do shadows real close pull back boom, look how nice those look.And you see they’re not perfectly straight, it takes a lot of work to go perfectly straight and you kind of gotta take your time, that’s why we practice you know maybe when you get these you want to go diagonal go up down up down up down, same way this way.Up down up down up down up down focus on getting them equal distant apart and consistent you see how they’re all the same sizes, you can go from big to little and you can try to keep them consistent that’s.The big belittles over here you know you got the big the little you know how to do that cuz you did all these little dots big, the little. But what you want to try to do is keep it consistent and keep it equal apart just a uniform, you know and now that you have this, you can do the reverse of this practice and target practice try to hit those airbrush kit.Try to hit those in the middle then now look pretty that might make it cool, let me show you this look at that pattern, that’s pretty sick that would make a cool look on the tumblr I I can’t and that brings us to our last exercise I don’t know who it was that seven ten five three I don’t know it’s called a dagger stroke is where we take this guy and we make a line to this guy.

Pinkiou Deluxe AirBrush Kit

Let me show you what I mean, so you start fat.And you got a big.Big.Too little. You can also do it with loops like going a little, these are the hardest to master okay, let me bring in and show you those so the dagger stroke is essentially like a hair you start at the follicle and it flips out and gets smaller so as you’re bringing in huge.You get closer each time and if you’re nervous I took my little end cap off here, you can see my needle, I feel like I can see where I’m going better, that way you know what I mean, don’t forget to blow it out if it starts getting hard to pull back and go with it.Cut, that last part out I don’t even know so there you have it, I feel like that was a lot more than three exercises, but they kind of all roll right into the next one, what you wanna bonus sure why not now time for the bonus, we’re gonna take all those exercises and we’re gonna draw some simple shapes and make a make a little shape or picture and pay attention to how you use every technique, so let’s just pick a square here.

airbrush booth
airbrush booth

It doesn’t have to be perfect the lines don’t have to be smooth.Just do your best.There’s a square but we’re gonna make.For the last one will make a delicious little empty snow calm there’s a darker area in here, shade up to the light do you little doodads here.Something like that shade to give it roundness.Look at how easy was that there you go get to work get press and draw some stuff that you see around the house, you know and just keep practicing, you should have plenty to do so whoa whoa, how’s fun, what now you have a couple things that you can practice and try with your airbrush kit to figure out how you can just become a airbrush kit tumblr artist, you know like we all wanna be wait what you don’t have an airbrush kit, I’m gonna give one away right now, all you have to do is hashtag airbrush kit army, each time you do it, you’ll be entered to win so.

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