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Airbrushed make-up sprays on. A spray that mists out foundation that suddenly makes your skin seem flawless. It’s actually thousands of tiny little dots so your skin glows through. It’s never a heavy or cakey finish or texture. It is as natural as you want with unbelievable coverage. It lays on top of your skin and fills in any flaws, instead of accentuating them. Airbrush make-up is silicone based, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It’s also sanitary – more so than using sponges or other make-up applicators that germs can be attracted to.

Your makeup will stand up to sweat, tears, hugs and all the kisses in between.

Airbrushing allows the skin to breath so it feels like your not wearing any makeup at all and gives you the “no makeup” look. It can be used on the body, ideal for chest and arms so you’re evenly matched from your forehead to your fingertips. Its gives you a matt pore less finish so you never look shiny. Traditional foundation is available – but try airbrush, you will love it!
Rest assured while you’re receiving all those hugs and kisses from your friends and relatives, you’ll still look as fresh as you did after your first kiss. Imagine that!The last thing you need to worry about is your make-up wearing off on your wedding day. Airbrush make-up will last until you wash your face. So you can do as much cheek to cheek dancing as you’d like without worrying about your make-up rubbing off.

Airbrush is a revolutionary new make-up technique with precision control. It is used to create flawless and more radiant skin tones in a way that brushes and sponges can’t. It gives longer lasting results, natural looking illuminating skin with a luxurious velvety finish. You can wear this make-up for up to 16 hours and it will not come off until you wash your face. Airbrushing holds up extremely well to humid conditions. Because of these characteristics, it is recommended for brides and other active individuals. Film and television make-up artists have been airbrushing for over a decade. Because of its flawless finish, it is the only technique used with high definition television. Airbrush make-up provides a camera-ready texture.

The list of celebrities, politicians and news anchors who use airbrush make-up is endless. Airbrushing was the official make-up of the 55th Emmy awards. It’s also the best and most natural way to cover scars, bruising, blemishes, tattoos, rosacea, burns and even psoriasis.

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