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Airbrush makeup is easy, super fast, and is naturally gorgeous. Having airbrushed professionally, personally on myself, and having taught airbrush makeup, these are the top 6 mistakes that can be easily avoided:


1.Using the wrong primer. If you are using a water based airbrush foundation such as Aeroblend, make sure you use a non-silicone primer. Some silicone based primers are not compatible with water based foundation. This is because silicone is not water-soluble. It’s just going to slide right off the surface. You’ll end up using more foundation, look uneven and even alter the color payout.


  1. Using too much. I cringe when I hear someone say, “I don’t like airbrush makeup because it looked cakey.” The whole point of wearing airbrush makeup is to have something that looks uber natural, and NOT like makeup. If someone complains that it looks to heavy, it’s because of user error, and it has been applied to heavily. Always start by having airbrush applied in light sheer layers, then lastly, apply it to areas that need more coverage. This will help prevent applying too much.


  1. Airbrushing too close. This is another mistake I see not only consumers do, but professionals as well. I see people airbrushing about a half inch away from their face. This will not allow for a soft application, but a harsh line. Not only will this result in being applied unevenly, this will look too heavy. Try keeping the airbrush about 4-6 inches away from your face to start with. If you’re not sure, practice on paper so you can see. The exception to this rule is when you are targeting a blemish and need to zoom in a small area.


  1. Not controlling the lever properly. Make use of the little trigger on top of the airbrush stylus/gun. Many people don’t realize that you can have great control over airbrushing this way. Many times airbrushers will pull the trigger completely back, which results in blasting out the makeup too much too fast. Realize that pulling the lever back just a little = just a bit of makeup being released. Note this is for double action airbrushes, not single action. (All Aeroblend airbrushes are double action).


  1. Understanding where air pressure control comes from. You have great control over your airbrush makeup. There are 3 factors. First, is the compressor. Always start on the lowest mode, and work your way up to necessary pressure. Second, the lever on your airbrush. Refer back to point #4. Third, your distance. Spray a couple drops on the back of your hand or on paper to test first.


  1. Not using circular motion. Make sure you are using steady circular motions. Many people move the airbrush back and forth, which will create a zig zag pattern, instead of a soft diffused finish. This will be even more apparent when you use blush, you’ll end up with rosy stripes on your face.


Ok… I said 6, but here is one more:


7.Using the wrong color. Well, this seems obvious, but there are some situations where color choice may require a bit more thought. If you are a tanner, or sunless tanner, but you cover your face (or your face tan fades faster) you’ll want to match your face to your body. However, you’ll want to choose a color that matches your actual face (as opposed to your tan neck) and airbrush first. You’ll want to get the coverage, and hide any blemishes with the lighter color. THEN you can go back with a darker color or bronzer and add sheer layers to blend the two skin tones together. I usually take advantage of the situation, and just use the lighter color as my “highlight” and let the highlighted/lighter areas show through.


I hope these tips help!! Any other airbrush makeup tips you’d like to share?

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