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What is Airbrush Makeup?

If you know nothing about airbrush makeup and need a place to start,Here Pinkiou team’s article should be the first place you need read. Airbrush makeup was introduced to the […]

How to choose the correct Airbrush for your needs

Choosing the Right Airbrush

There are so many choices in features and configurations… Gravity feed, siphon feed, side feed. External mix, internal mix. Dual action, single action, trigger action.

Consult the Airbrush Dictionary if you’re dying to find out what all those terms mean, or just keep reading.

Then you have to take into consideration the different manufacturers out there.

Actually it’s easy…

Choose a gravity feed, dual action, internal mix airbrush from a name brand manufacturer.
If you use a one airbrush per color, or one bottle per color setup, choose a siphon feed instead of the gravity feed.

Best Video for Airbrush Disassemble and Deep Clean SP180/SP136/SP16/18-0010/18-0009

Most of beginner airbrushing woes were the result of two things, the improper care and cleaning of the equipment, and not being able to reassemble a gun once I had taken it apart. I hope it helps others to avoid the frustration of my early airbrushing days.

Deep cleaning your airbrush after each job is recommended to prevent problems associated with clogging.
STEP 1: Disassemble your airbrush according to your airbrush model’s specifications.
STEP 2: Soak nozzle cap, nozzle, needle cap, and body in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.
STEP 3: Wipe needle clean with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.
STEP 4: Assemble airbrush according to the airbrush model’s specifications.

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