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If your thumb is valgus, making your feet unsightly, or troubled by
bunions, please try toe valgus corrector products, may be have
unexpected surprises.
Package Included: 5 Pairs (10 Pieces)

Relieve painful toe and foot pressure by realigning the toes and
supporting the proper position. Relieves muscle tension and
improves blood circulation by naturally stretching the toes.
Stretch and straighten toes, relieve plantar fasciitis, bunions,
hammer toes and overlapping toes. The item may be small for
someone, please confirm the size before you buy. Simply hand
wash in cold water, do not expose to direct sunlight.

11 reviews for Toe Separator for Feet Correct Toes Yoga 10 Pieces Silicone Hammer Toe Corrector for Women & Men Correct Toe Straighteners for Overlapping Toes

  1. Mark Vanderwall

    Just the feeling of opening your toes helps comfortbyourbfeet

  2. JustPlainJess

    Can confirm these work on adult-woman-sized feet. They¡¯re easy to put on, easy to clean and they are surprisingly comfortable. I have bunions forming, and my physical therapist recommended toe separators to help with the flexibility and mobility of my toes, in service of my ankle and a healthier gait. She (physical therapist) asked if I had been using them because she could notice a difference!

  3. JWLOL

    I play hockey and my toes spend a lot of time squished into hockey boots. Sometimes to the point that the toes don¡¯t look like they separate when I try and it becomes painful when standing. I put these on every now and then to separate my toes and make them ¡°breathe¡± and it¡¯s great. It¡¯ll be uncomfortable at first so don¡¯t hesitate to
    Take them Off after 10-20 minutes. I¡¯m at the point that I accidentally took a four hour nap with them on

  4. Ian G

    The spacers will likely hurt for at least a few days. I’ve found that to be a perfectly normal adjustment period as within 2 weeks, my posture has improved, I feel much more stable, and have virtually no more pain under my feet. Can’t go wrong.

  5. Josephine

    They were a little hard to get on, but my toes felt much better after I left them on for a while. I need to use them more often.

  6. Yoendys

    ?Work good!

  7. JB

    They are a little uncomfortable so far but I think it has more to do with my awful feet than the product.

  8. Marcelo Acuna

    Certainly helps aid in the process of blood flow and circulation to my feet. I wear them daily after a long day. I walk dogs for a living – this has been a game changer in my recovery! Totally recommend.

  9. Joe Shyne

    I have extremely flat feet so running has always been extremely hurtful for me. After using these items I have noticed that I have been able to run for a longer period of time and have not been experience my running pain/soreness. Definitely recommended

  10. Roger

    Product is great. Very happy with it!

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