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Item Dimensions: 9.05*3.74*1.38 inches

Material: TPU

Item Weight: 0.50 lbs

Brand Name: Pinkiou

Caution: This product’s size is most suitable for the feet size US 6 about 8.86-9.45 inches

Pinkiou insoles are great for women who are on their feet most of the day. Excessive force on your feet can lead to pain in the heels, arches, balls of your feet, ankles, knees, and back. Orthotic arch support insoles can be a very effective treatment for all of these problems, and usually eliminate foot pain caused by carrying extra weight.

17 reviews for Pinkiou Arch Support Insoles Gel Insoles for Women Gel Running Insoles for Flat Feet Metatarsal Pain Relief Heavy Duty Support

  1. tom infantino

    They really help.

  2. Patricia Alvarado

    I bought the insoles for arch support during running. They work pretty good for me!!!

  3. Lilly

    Work well in my shoes. The arch is kinda stiff but they softened up as I wore them. The heel is nice and gelled, so it’s squishy. Ball of the foot part could use some more cushion but it doesn’t bother me.
    Overall I really like these, and I have mega high arches.

  4. Elizabeth B.

    I have a bad back, ankle and feet so I have a lot of shoe inserts. I also have a lot of sneakers to go with these inserts because I find just about any inserts I own needs to be paired with good neutral fitting sneaker. This is actually a brand I have tried before and I liked them enough to order them again. These have a nice raised arch support that does a great job of providing that much needed arch support. These also have a nice heel cup to keep my foot firmly in place. These are made of what feels like a good quality soft bit supportive rubber with a soft thin, what kind of feels like memory foam layer lining the top. These do not feel like cheap, light weight foam and plastic inserts. The really feel nice in hand. I did sock one star though, as these are a little higher priced than Inwood pay, simply because now you can get excellent quality inserts, just like these for closer to twenty dollars or even less for a set. They are good inserts though.

  5. Nosnivel

    Great support without being obtrusive. Easy to fit into shoe and really helps on longer distances.

  6. SoFloGuy

    My mother in law has used these slim insoles to provide support for pain and they have worked well for her. She is a size 6 and the XS fit well. They are also easily trimmed to fit her sneakers.

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  7. Linda H

    The sizing was perfect. I was able to use them in my boots without the need for trimming. They broke in quickly and are very comfortable.

  8. Rosemary rosiebear Pfeiffer

    I have high arches and need inserts in my shoes. I am tired of paying over $200 for custom-made inserts. Those stick to your shoe And I hard to remove To put into new shoes But these Do not have the sticky bottom. Even without the sticky bottom they stay nicely in the shoe even when I take them off. The arch height Is nice for my foot and I do not get any pain when I walk. They are are thick sturdy material that I think will last a long time

  9. sgeise

    These are well built, and provide good support. However, I couldn’t use them. These are very thick, and just made my feet uncomfortable. It pushes my feet tightly against the top of the shoe. It’s not painful, it’s just not comfortable, and as such, distracting. Looks like others have had better luck than me. Hope you do also.

  10. Nobidy

    Helps with support after breaking my navicular bone. If these are too high for your arches then I suggest foot chair orthotics

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